Winter break in Ithaca

Sam signed up for a WISP. It stands for a Winter Intersession Program but basically it is just a two week internship during the Christmas break. He planned to leave last Tuesday for New York City where he would be working with an arbitrator on dispute resolution.

On Monday, he was trying to pack but didn't know what to wear so he called the arbitrator to ask. He asked Sam if he could not come for a few days because he was currently being overloaded with students.

We were grateful to have a few extra days to have Sam's car fixed. However, later that night, the arbitrator sent out an email to all of the students and canceled the WISP! He said that he is currently working on a case for a hospital and they will not allow students to work on the case. He thought it was probably an abuse case.

So we will end up having 20 days in Ithaca before school even starts. The time Cornell gives you off so that you can leave and miss the worst part of the winter.

We are planning on going to New York City and New Jersey to visit the friend that Sam was going to be staying with during the WISP. Until then, we are just freezing here in Ithaca.

Honestly though, as good of an opportunity as this could have been for Sam (and his resume), we have loved the time we have had together.

Alex is trying to crawl and we are enjoying crawling around trying to teach him and laughing that he isn't strong enough to get his head of the ground at the same time he's on his knees. It's adorable. He will have his head up and then pull his knees under his body and put his head down on the ground. Then he'll lift up his head as his legs go straight again. One day he'll get it. Until then, we like how he stays pretty close to the place we set him down.


Brea said...

How exciting!! :) Brint has had a lot of time off as well. He doesn't start until the 19th. We feel like we have a vacation from our vacation! :) it has seriously been so nice to spend time with each other. I am happy for you guys... bummer Sam wasn't able to do the internship but SO exciting that you get to spend good quality time with him and Alex.

Britt said...

SAD! That would have been a great opportunity. I wish that I had school off until the 20th, BUT luckily BYU makes us come back joyfully early!!! :)

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