My baby.

Alex is growing up. I don't know how each day is passing so quickly.
He is about to crawl and has rashes on his elbows and knees from the carpet.
He is almost six months old.
Almost starting solid foods.
He stares at himself in the mirror and gives big, toothless grins.
I feel like I barely get dressed for the day and then it is Alex's bed time.
I want him to slow down. And yet I am looking forward to seeing him live his life.

I know these are common thoughts of a mother; it just never seemed real until I was watching my own son roll around the room.

Now Sam and I reminisce about the days when Alex would stay where we put him.
The times he would fall asleep on our chests.
I remember being so anxious to leave the house with just a purse instead of a diaper bag.
I remember walking into a room and selecting a seat based on where I could have the most discrete exit.
I remember getting dressed knowing full well that I would have to undress eight times throughout the day.

"As my children get older, I realize there are good and bad parts to each stage of our lives together. Many of the challenges pass with time. So do some of the joys. I try to take stock of the joys, to imprint them on my memory for the days when the long, sleepless nights have passed - and with them the sweet, soft smell of a baby's warm head against my neck." (Ensign)


The Paxton Family said...

Alex seriously has the CUTEST dimples! I love his grin! I didn't realize how much I missed the baby stages of Makayla until I am going through them again with Oscar. But the upside of them growing up, and saying "mama" and sentences and letting you sleep more... All worth it.
Congrats on having one adorable kid!

Rachel said...


Unfortunately, even knowing it was going to go fast with Emi, sometimes it's harder to relish every moment because somehow it goes by even faster the second time despite my efforts to savor it.

Alex is super adorable, and I can't believe he's already crawling for the most part--that's pretty impressive.

Bree and Phil Killian said...

Oh , this post was so sweet. That quote says it perfectly. Imprint the memories. Youre so awesome! and an amazing mom!

wendy said...

Is that a dimple I see? That is unbelievably cute.

Roo said...

YOu are so nice to me, I was hiding my "ugly" behind a hat and my puffy coat. It was so fun seeing you, even though we didn't get our one on one convo i am looking forward too. ha
We went to the baseball hall of fame in November. It is Ryan's favorite place and we like road trips, we'll have to discuss details. :) PS you are adorable, i am glad we are friends.

Burke family said...

Love those dimples. What a cutie! And glad you like the quote as much as I do.

Bryan and Ellie said...

You're so wise to realize this when Alex is only your first. Of course, how could anyone not love someone as sweet as Baby Alex. If he keeps those dimples he's going to break a lot of hearts. Listen to all the women he's already melted!

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