Welcome, 2010!

Well, my lease on "Oh, I just had a baby and that's why I'm fat" has run out. Before Alex's arrival, Sam and I would work out at least four times a week. After the worst tear in the history of deliveries (in my opinion), I decided that I should not work out for a few weeks. Then we moved and I got lazy so we never started working out. I didn't think it had gotten too bad though.

However, during Christmas break, I lost seven pounds. That's right, lost. I realized that was due to how I eat at home; my eating patterns were horrible. While a guest in someone else's house, I ate at meal times. If I slept through a meal time, then I would wait until the next meal. I definitely didn't want anyone to feel like I thought their house was a 24 hour buffet. This decreased the amount of snacking (although I did snack plenty after we received a ridiculously large amount of Christmas candy). During meal time I would eat a lot. I have heard that this is not the best way to keep your metabolism up but it is much better than what I was doing at home.

Anyway, I am getting off track. Last week, Sam and I started working out. We only went a couple times but we plan to continue. Let me tell you, running is about fifty times more difficult while lactating.

This is one of my New Year's Resolutions (right along with about 99% of the world). I want to eat at meal times and not snack throughout the day. I do hate to break up with my midnight popcorn though.

Maybe I'll write about how it goes. Unless I fail then I most definitely will not.

Here are a few more of our resolutions:

1. Do readings for all classes.
2. Participate more in classes.
3. Be better about helping with Alex.
4. Write in journal once a month.
5. Practice Chinese.

1. Read to Alex daily.
2. Plan meals ahead of time.
3. Send birthday cards to family members.
4. Go outside more often.
5. Finish the books I have started.

Oh yeah, according to the National Association of Good Grammar, 2010 should be pronounced "twenty-ten." Do it.


danielle said...

haha. twenty ten. you crack me up. but i totally agree.

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Great goals...they sound a lot like mine :)

And I'd like to disagree with you and say that running is 100 times harder while lactating...going down the stairs in my house is a chore, haha!

Janelle said...

I found your pounds. Want them back?

The Paxton Family said...

Hey congrats on losing weight! Although you always looked ridiculously tiny to me anyway. :-)
Good luck on your resolutions, I always write ours in the back of the new years calendar that way at the end of the year when we come up with new ones, I can see the old ones!
Jordan got 2 of his goals from last year, "have a baby" and "manage an office"
I was not successful with my goal of "losing the baby weight from Makayla" :-(
Oh well, it's a new year and a new baby right?
How is Alex? He's such a little cutie!

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