That's right, our baby's all grown up and sprouting a tooth! We could see it for a few days but it cut through on 10 April 2010. That tooth is very camera shy though. We will work on getting better pictures of the little guy and any friends that may come to the party soon.

Despite how it looks, Alex has been surprisingly happy. One day, he was drinking out of a glass and we could hear the tooth clinking on the glass as he chewed on it. It was very cute. He had one sad day four days after he cut the tooth but now he is back to his old self.


collette crew said...

he's even cute when we cries :) good luck with those teeth coming in!

so! I don't think I have your email... but email me and I can forward you the way to get your pictures bigger and put them next to each other. it's pretty simple :) my email is hillarycollette@gmail.com. thanks for all your sweet blog comments! and way to go on graduating... that is looming over me and I so admire you for finishing. and you really have packed so much in since then! life is crazy isn't it? have a good day!

Rachel said...

ouchie, ouchie, ouchie.

teething babies are no fun. But he's still super adorable. And glad that he's back to his old self.

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