Documenting Declan (9 Months)

Weight: 18 pounds, 14 ounces
Length: 28 inches

Declan baby is still bringing up the rear of our family in a spectacular fashion. We all adore him. He is so flexible to different schedules, plays well on his own or surrounded by others, gives us the occasional cuddles, and is mischievous just enough that it is cute and doesn't make me want to pull my hair out. He is pulling out most of my hair himself so I need to keep as much as possible in there when I can. He is a total delight. I could brag about him all day long. He is happy, loving, and resilient. I love my Declan baby.

 photo NineMonths1_zps1ccc69d1.jpg
Such a silly personality.

 photo NineMonths2_zpsed7eee28.jpg
He is always getting stuck in precarious positions.

 photo NineMonths3_zps3da64b71.jpg
Declan got a tooth (1/2/14).

 photo NineMonths4_zpsa36597cb.jpg
"A whaaat?!"

 photo NineMonths5_zps6e6fb14e.jpg
Then he got another tooth (1/4/14).

 photo NineMonths6_zps90363d1e.jpg
"That's right, I did!"

 photo NineMonths7_zps1c18e21a.jpg
But those teeth are shy and do not like to be photographed. Even with Edison showing him how it's done!

 photo NineMonths8_zps2c6d0488.jpg
We played dentist to get the teeth to come out and play. Declan loves being the dentist but not so much the patient.

 photo NineMonths11_zpsc30827dd.jpg
He absolutely despises bath time.

 photo NineMonths9_zpscf86c516.jpg
But he looks so cute all clean and fresh!

 photo NineMonths10_zpsdd00e81a.jpg
He still has his blue eyes. I love them. He also seems to be holding out as my only brunette which I am quite pleased to see.

 photo NineMonths12_zpsdf10af05.jpg
He tried to walk and we laughed and laughed.

 photo NineMonths13_zps0309296b.jpg
He wants to eat everything he sees.

 photo NineMonths14_zpsc15746a7.jpg
Alex always wants to play with him, hold him, know where he is, breathe the same air. Basically they are inseparable.

But by far my favorite thing Declan is doing this month is singing.

A few more things Declan does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...loves food. If he sees me eating something he will charge over to me. So he pretty much follows me around all day. My own little doggy.
...is very short. Like, a total midget.
...uses his mouth as a third hand.
...is a total punk while nursing and, despite my many reminders to the contrary, thinks it is finger food.
...is a nursing acrobat. He contorts his body into crazy positions and still tries to maintain the latch. Crawling and breastfeeding are his two favorite things and he tries to do them simultaneously.
...sits under Alex and Edison at dinner to collect their droppings. Then when they drop something like their spoon or cup, Declan picks it right up and they freak out. But the rule is that if it is on the ground then it's Declan's.
...loves giving monkey bites.
...has a horribly out-of-touch mother. When my kids cry, teething is the last thing on my mind. Malaria? Yep. Whooping cough? Probably. A tooth? I doubt it. That's why I was shocked when Declan grinned up at me one morning and I noticed he was sporting a nubbin'. Such a good baby.
...likes to do things himself. If I put food in his mouth he will spit it out then put it back in himself.
...said his first word (1/2/14). He was crying in his bed one day, then stopped crying, and calmly called, "Mamaaaa!"


Janelle said...

Noooo. He can't be talking. Not even allowed.
I like those extra long lined blue jeans that keep his toes warm.

Olivia said...

He's so cute! P.S. I love the dinosaur pjs! :)

Spencer and Anna said...

Oh, that Declan. He is adorable!

Holly Decker said...

please let the stars align and let one of your kids marry one of mine! oh my lanta. too much cuteness.

Rachel said...

He looks so much like Sam!
He is a darling baby boy! I love those baby cheeks!

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

I am the worst. For some reason the last post I saw was from over a month ago, Documenting Declan 8months. Little did I realize there's been 13 or so more since then. Awesome. Well, that was fun anyway, and I'm glad you are still blogging frequently! I was worried for a second! I love your blog.

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