Looking through this month's miscellaneous pictures I am overwhelmed with admiration for my children and love for the life they offer me. I am a lucky girl.

Our obsession with the ARC has continued.

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I love listening to these boys' conversations. They can relate and connect with people better than most grown ups.

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They love nothing more than playing games with Daddy.

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It is getting much colder but we haven't given up on playing outside yet.

Alex: Let's check the forecast for tomorrow.
Emily: It's going to be cold.
Alex: Is that the forecast?
Emily: Yes.
Alex: What's the fivecast?

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Declan wants to sit at the table like a big person. He is too cool for high chairs.

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I love taking pictures of Declan with the front camera on my phone so he can see himself on the screen. He gets the cutest look on his face when he spots himself.

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Because the bagel night at Sallie's house ended with Edison getting a dirt clod to his head that needed to be glued and I didn't really get to participate, Lindy Mabeus invited us over to her house to try our hands at it.

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Lindy, Carissa; Harvey

Declan is obsessed with balls.

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I don't usually ask Sam to take pictures of me alone but this skirt is new and I love it.

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Edison and Jaxon getting mighty close during Turbo Kick.

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Alex's friend from school came over to play one morning. Asher's mom is pretty cool and we spent a lot of time together this month.

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We couldn't forget to celebrate 11/11.

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We still have pizza every Friday night, if possible.

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At least someone in this house enjoys wearing pounds and pounds of winter clothes.

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My friend Maureen works for Right Track and she came over to our house to evaluate Declan. He is on the right track!

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Jenny is my visiting teaching companion and she threw and awesome party for her son Linkon at the ARC.

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Sometimes these boys get really into things. This time: music.

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Edison and his accessories.

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We sold our couches right before Thanksgiving. Alex had asked us, "Can we please hurry and go camping in our living room one more time in Williston?" It was perfect that we suddenly had lots of space to set up a tent.

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The day after Thanksgiving was Light Up Harmon Park. It was frigid. I ended up sitting in the car with Declan for half of it because he was so sad.

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Olivia has several rigs set up behind her house. I am sure they are loud and annoying but there is something very cool about them, too. I don't know why I like the sight of oil rigs so much.

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In my ever-growing list of silly things my kids say...

Edison: Alex is my friend and Declan is one [year old].

Alex: My hair is crazy. Could you maybe calm it a little?

Edison calls sneezes "Bless You." For example, he will sneeze several times in a row and then say, "Did you have a lot of bless yous?"

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