Christmas Parties

We somehow figured out a way to pack December with Christmas parties. I basically over dosed on Shirley Temples and I have no regrets.

First up: the Williston 1st Ward Christmas party. So many cool paper snowflakes were hanging from the ceiling.

 photo ChristmasParty1_zpsttyzpv2u.jpg

They had a bunch of nativities set up in the Relief Society room. After planning the Halloween party, it was quite a relief to have nothing to do with the Christmas party.

 photo ChristmasParty12_zpsoifiznm1.jpg

Sam was an innkeeper in the skit.

 photo ChristmasParty3_zpszt5rvlol.jpg

 photo ChristmasParty8_zpsw8mr2twh.jpg
Harvey and Tanner Niederhauser

 photo ChristmasParty9_zpsha39hump.jpg
Emily and Karen Moore

The primary kids sang "Stars Were Gleaming."

 photo ChristmasParty2_zpsw9wipxbh.jpg

Then a special guest arrived.

 photo ChristmasParty4_zpsac3yagtx.jpg

 photo ChristmasParty5_zpsne6juzfw.jpg

 photo ChristmasParty6_zpswe6mahkz.jpg

 photo ChristmasParty7_zpstue316je.jpg

I brought homemade ice cream and it was gone so fast.

 photo ChristmasParty10_zpsw7zyddx2.jpg

 photo ChristmasParty11_zpsymzzkukk.jpg

Olivia threw a cookie exchange party again this year. I want to kiss this party's face. So much fun!

 photo ChristmasParty21_zpscxz7o2ju.jpg

 photo ChristmasParty22_zpsr2l7eiue.jpg

 photo ChristmasParty24_zpslb1d2dml.jpg

 photo DecMisc4_zpsfbl0cluz.jpg

The next party was the SLB party for the PPS segment. This is the division Sam works in so it was mostly people he knew.

 photo ChristmasParty13_zpsyf930cqm.jpg
Jeff and Myrna Rogers, Becky and Justin Hamrick, ?, Peter (Sam's replacement), Sam, Emily

 photo ChristmasParty15_zpslz2m05rn.jpg

There were a ton of really nice prices worth a total of $20,000. Sam's was one of the first tickets drawn and they were still doing the little prizes so he won a duffel bag. We returned it to the store for the money.

 photo ChristmasParty14_zpswgejieoa.jpg

Myrna, the Primary President, had a Christmas party at her house for all of the Primary workers. We were not able to stay for long because we were party hopping that night but it was fun while we were there. There was a lot of good food and I ate way too much considering that the next party had a big dinner as well.

 photo ChristmasParty16_zpsujdhjb9g.jpg

The next party was for SLB Wireline. We are moving in one week so it felt like a farewell to Sam.

 photo ChristmasParty18_zpsvhnwxulv.jpg

 photo ChristmasParty17_zps9ykhfprh.jpg
Darrell Lake and Sam

 photo ChristmasParty19_zpsyd7chmf8.jpg

We left the party around 10pm but we had a babysitter until after midnight so we walked down the road to the movie theater to see Mockingjay, Part I.

 photo ChristmasParty20_zpsm35fyppr.jpg

There was one more Christmas party in Minot on the day we were moving and we considered going but it would have added to our drive out of town so we opted out of it. I feel like we definitely got our fill of parties this year.

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