Mother's Day

Mother's Day is an exciting day for us. Alex is especially good at expressing his love and he enjoys making crafts and drawing nice pictures for people. Alex and Edison sang "I Often Go Walking" to us during sacrament meeting. Edison was sucking his thumb and Alex said, "I don't know much of that song." But I still loved it. The power went out in the middle of church so that was interesting.

While I was at the temple the day before, Sam helped the boys finish building and painting the picket fence photo frames they had started a week earlier at Home Depot.

They made me so many nice things! Sam also gave me a Priesthood blessing as he does every Mother's Day.

Edison said, "That's Dad with hair. And some of both eyes."

Two Elders came over for dinner that night and then used my computer to Skype their moms for two hours. It made me miss getting on to Skype with Elder David but I ended up talking to him on the phone so that was really nice.

I love my job as a mother. It is the most amazing job. I would not give it up for any other sort of career. This is the ultimate career. When my kids are grown up and gone I am going to have a hard time coming up with something to occupy myself. They made the whole day so special. I love them. I also love my own mother. I owe so much to her and I hope to become half of the mother she was to me.

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