A bandwagon full of Cardinals fans

Everyone from Arizona is very proud of the state. If you are with enough people from Arizona, and you start bashing Arizona, they will bash your face. Beware!

Because I am from Arizona, I have been asked multiple times if I am cheering for the Cardinals. The answer is yes. Only because I always cheer for the underdog. Each year I watch the Superbowl and each year I cheer for whichever team is expected to lose. This year I have a connection with the underdog; we are both from Arizona.I am definitely not a hardcore NFL fan. I have watched a few of the recent games and I have talked about the insane turnaround the Cardinals have had this year. Not out of pride, but shock. The Cardinals were always the worst team ever. We paid for a very expensive stadium for them and yet they were a joke. An embarrassment. Now they are having a good season... and suddenly everyone is a fan.

I feel this is taking something away from the ten people who have always been Cardinals fans. Those people who actually own paraphernalia and didn't buy it online today. And, win or lose, they will continue to wear Cardinals jerseys/hats past February 1st. They have been mocked and berated for being Cardinals fans. They deserve to enjoy this time.Suddenly every Arizonan calls the Cardinals "my team." According to urbandictionary.com, "bandwagon" is "what people will 'ride' or get on when they want to be accepted, especially in the NFL. People will get on the [Cardinals] bandwagon and suddenly become their fans because they are doing really well or because they have a large number of fans so they can be accepted. People will ride a bandwagon even if they don't give a s*** about football..."
It doesn't matter if someone is a Steelers, Cardinals, or even a Detroit Lions fan. In two months, no one will care again. It really bothers me when people jump on a bandwagon just because a team is doing well. Especially if they know as much about the sport as I do (which, in regard to football, is very little).


Holly Janeen said...

Jeff and I were just laughing about the cardinals making it... because on msnbc.com the title page had two big stories SIDE BY SIDE...

one side- a picture of the cardinals, and small writing about them making it
other side- a huge quote from obama, " ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE "...

it was so ironic.

anyways... i like that comic strip about the band wagon... i am more and more convinced that you are never ever one of those bandwagon people :)

Britt said...

AME. I have never liked the cardinals either- prob because my parents wouldn't let, me, but nevertheless..... At work everyone keeps asking me if I'm excited about the game. I just say No- never liked them- and everyone seems shocked. Oh well, I'll be in AZ to watch it that weekend- it'll be interesting! :)

Ken and Laura said...

I don't really follow Cardinals Hockey but I always enjoy your rants :)

Holly Janeen said...

you are so stinkin' smart!!!

i didnt realize i was revealing the name until i posted... and then i was like... oh well, i guess if people want to know- there is no harm in it :)

besides, i guess its a little reward for readers of my blog! :)

the fact of the matter is that we tell people all the time what we are 'probably' going to name him... and it isnt set in stone really until he comes out, but yeah... we call him Charlie :)

i am so glad you like it :) so very very glad!

Jason & Shannon said...

Ahaha. I love this post, especially the bandwagon picture!

Jeff Dana Family said...

Cute blog Emily, I didn't recognize you by your new last name at first. Have a great week!

colleenroselle said...

hahaha so funny. and so true.

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