Day One - Depart Los Angeles (12.28.08)
Muster Drill - I was so nervous!

Our cute little cave. It was so dark in there so we would sleep until 11:00 if we didn't set an alarm.

Day Two - At Sea (12.29.08)
We definitely didn't win. But we had high hopes and it was really fun! The girl who was calling the numbers said, "B-8. If you fall off the ship, you might B-8." Sam and I are still laughing about that and it was our joke the entire cruise.

Sam entered the ping pong tournament but he didn't win. So sad.

Waiting for a show to start on our first formal night.

Our first cute towel animal.

Day Three - Cabo San Lucas (12.30.08)
This is Cabo from our ship.

This is our ship (Vision of the Seas) from Cabo.

The ocean.

Playing on the beach.

Sam snorkeling.

Day Four - Mazatlan
Golfing. Sam's shorts are sweet.

The golf course was beautiful. It was so close to a very empty beach.

The Coasters.

Happy New Year!

I married a kook.

They told us it was 2009 balloons but it was actually way more.

Day Five - Puerto Vallarta
After staying up really late the night before, I had to wake up at 7:00 to go horseback riding. This is the only picture I took of my horse so enjoy!

Sam went scuba diving while I was horseback riding. When we both got back we walked down the beach and went to a cute little restaurant and then watched the sunset.

A super cool picture that I took and I am very proud of.

Amazing magicians. They (Kyle and Mistie) ate dinner with us for the last five nights and they were really good. Kyle cut Mistie in half and the whole thing was surrounded! It was impressive.

Day Six - At Sea (1.2.09)
Ice carving demonstration.

The Quest - we had 2 1/2 minutes to dress up a guy in our group like a girl. Sam was forced into it but he is really good at walking in high heels!

Another towel animal.

Day Seven - At Sea (1.3.09)
Another towel animal.

My first time gambling (even though I am only 20, you can gamble in international waters at 18).

We lost $4. Gambling is Satan.

We did a lot of things that we didn't take pictures of but overall, it was so fun! I didn't get seasick at all!


Allison said...

Interesting that this isn't the first time I've seen Sam in high heels....
your cruise looks like fun!

Thais said...

Finally!I've been waiting for these forever!!

I'm so glad you had fun on the cruise! I love the sunset picture... gorgeous!

Were you sick at all? My mom and I went on a cruise in 2004 and I was nauseated the entire time!! and so was she. We were miserable. I really want to go on another way but i'm scared I'm gonna be sick the entire thing again.

Arica said...

sweetness. i have yet to try a slot machine also. isn't it a must do just once?? anyway, looks like fun. what cruise line did you guys do?

Jason & Shannon said...

Yay for cruises!! Yours looks awesome! We went on a Royal Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon too! (I'm assuming yours is Royal right?) It looks like you guys had so much fun!!! (We are planning on a game night, sometime soon, maybe Sunday)

Camille Elise said...

So...after all that...would you recommend a cruise to anyone? I hear lots of scandalous things happen but it's a hush hush atmosphere. It looked like so much fun!!! I'm kinda jealous to be honest. Thanks for sharing. :)

Rachel Mack said...

ohhhh! Looking at your trip reminds me of my honeymoon! It looks like you had a blast !

Seth and Brittney said...


Holly Janeen said...

WAAAAAAAAAY cooler than my honeymoon (shhhh... dont tell Jeff i said that!)
and i laughed so hard at your horse picture... you crack me up! :)

Kelly Merrell said...

That looks so fabulous! I'm so glad you went on a cruise!!! Would you recommend that one?

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