Winter Nightmare

I had a traumatic experience this morning. Sam is out of town so I knew my car had to be working otherwise I wouldn't be able to get to school. Sam and I even joked about my car not starting last night.

I left my apartment early enough to be ten minutes early to class. I am not allowed to be late to this class because tardies add up to absences and start hurting my grade. I go outside and the driver's side door is frozen shut. I open the passenger door, turn on my car, and grab the scraper to start cleaning off my windows.

Then I climb over the passenger seat and into the driver's seat and start backing out. Then I hit something. I remember looking out my window last night and seeing a giant ball of snow. But I forgot to move it. I climb over the passenger seat and out of the car, move the snow boulder, and climb back over the passenger seat into the car.

I am backing out and hear my grill hit the ground but I have to go because scraping took longer than I thought and now I only have twenty minutes to get to class. I am driving out of the parking lot and I look in the rearview mirror and see something black on the ground. I decided to turn around and see what it was. So as I get closer, I see that it was my grill. The entire thing. Broken. On the ground. I climb over the passenger seat and out of the car, pick up my grill, throw it into my back seat, and check out the damage to the front of my car.

My fog light is still wired to the car. But dragging on the ground. I climb back over the passenger seat and into the car. I pull back into my parking spot. Turn off the car. Climb over the passenger seat and out of the car. Run back inside to get tape but we only have packing tape. I go back outside with it and it will not stick to my icy, wet, cold car. I am asking everyone (which is about three people because it is 7:30am) who walks by if they have duct tape. No one does.

Finally this guy checks his car and comes back and says, "It's your lucky day!" I said, "If today is my lucky day then kill me now."

I start pulling off large pieces of duct tape and trying to maneuver the light into sticking to a large black region where my grill used to be. The duct tape also does not like to stick to ice. Here I am, sitting on the wet, cold, icy curb with cloth gloves on panicking because I can't be late to class.

I finally got the light to stay on. I threw (gently and graciously) the duct tape in the back of the guy's truck, climbed back over the passenger seat and into the car, and went to school. I arrived fifteen minutes after the hour. But wait! This isn't a tardy! Fifteen minutes late counts as an absence! I guess this really is my lucky day...


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

Oh em I am so sorry that happened....sheesh! BTW thanks for calling me today it was nice to hear from you.
Love you!

Jason & Shannon said...

Oh my gosh that is horrible!! Do you go to BYU? I take Jason at about 7:45 so if it happens again I will gladly give you a ride, just let me know.

Thais said...

What!! I would have just turned around and gone back to bed.

Holly Janeen said...

if that isnt a bad way to start out a day, i dont know what is.
that sucks!
however... you can check off your morning workout, now, eh?
sheesh... i think the only way that climbing over the seat 12 times could be worse is if you were 7 months pregnant and impossibly fat.

sorry you had such a bad morning and i hope it never happens again!

Camille said...

Wretched, wretched, miserable day. I'm so sorry. I did, however, love when you said, "If this is my lucky day then kill me now." Ha!

Anna said...

And this is why college classes should not have tardies or absences effect grades. Stupid, stupid, stupid. :0) Are the professors trying to relive their high school days or what?

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