Sleep Talking

So I mentioned a while ago that Sam talks in his sleep sometimes. It is more like he talks while he is halfway asleep and halfway awake. I have been keeping track of the things he has said recently so for your reading pleasure...

"You should make a blog out of frosting. It would be delicious. I'd read it."

"What kind of girl makes out with Ben Davis?!" (Ben Davis is a guy who was in our singles ward and we have not seen him for over a year! This definitely came out of no where.)

"You snored and woke me up." (I don't snore, he does.)

"It's not going to strangulate me, is it?" (I have no idea.)

Sam: Never trust a man making popcorn balls.
Emily: Why not?
Sam: He'll just mess 'em up.

"You love Rihanna. But if she's edible she's probably gone bad."

"We can have a dance party in twenty minutes."

I married a crazy. But I love it. Whenever he talks in his sleep I just can't stop laughing. It definitely makes the falling asleep time much more entertaining.


Jason & Shannon said...

You really should make a blog out of frosting! Haha!!!

Laura Child said...

That is so so funny! Russell talks in his sleep sometimes and says way random funny things, I should start writing them down and make a post out of it. I just loved reading the funny things Sam said. Guys are funny.. Haha

Geneva said...

that's awesome!

Holly Janeen said...

that is freakin' hilarious.
i am so glad you keep track of those... they are so funny!

appearantly Sam is into food... most of those have to do with eating :)

Bryan and Ellie said...

Ellie used to talk in her sleep too when we first got married. Must be a Merkley thing.


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

So I love your Family! You 2 are so cute

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