The Obama Lovefest

Have you noticed how you cannot watch the news without hearing about Obama? Usually politicians are being ripped apart on the news, but they only have happy things to say about Obama these days.

What dog is he going to get? How are they going to decorate their childrens' room? He dropped his BlackBerry? Who cares!

I just saw a commercial for these Obama coins.

If you are going to tell us about his policies, bring it on. But stop the lovefest!


Thais said...

And that is why I hate the news!

Danielle said...

I think getting people to support politicians, rather than complain about how terrible they all are, could lead to a more cohesive and effective system. So, on that count I support Obama Lovefest. But creating him into some sort of celebrity with paparazzi and all the rest, undermines the effect of connecting people with their leaders. It creates an Obama of unimportance, much like a Paris of unimportance or a Brittany of unimportance. Interesting if they act inappropriately, but with no affect on people's lives and deserving of disrespect and jokes of chuck norris proportion. He is our leader-elect. We should be interested in what he is doing, and I am personally fascinated by his personality because of the implications it could have on policy. But you are absolutely right: more policy, less celebrity. kthxbai!

Camille Elise said...

hahahaha! I totally agree! I was actually just telling my mom the other day this same thing regarding celebraties (sp?). Who stinking cares? "WOW. they picked their nose/shopped at Target/got 2000 dollar shoes?" GOOD FOR THEM. It's not changing my life so tell me why I care!

Holly Janeen said...

i noticed the same love affair from the get go... its as if he does no wrong!
it cracks me up.

and the funniest part about your post? that as i read it outloud, my husband says, "HE DROPPED HIS BLACKBERRY? OH MY GOSH!"...
hmm... guess Jeff is one of those fans, eh?

anyways... you are so funny. thanks for being you!!

Nathan and Hailey Frogley said...

all i have to say... i agree

Zach and Whitney said...

Hey Emily this is Whitney Deering Vance. I found your blog!!! I completely agree with you on the lovefest. I saw the same commercial and vomitted in my mouth. Where were the George Bush coins? or any other president? I dont get it.

Paige said...

oh my goodness! It's sickening. Ben and I don't watch the news because of it. (Then again, the news has NEVER actually told any news of importance. It's always about dogs falling into wells or a cat who dialed 911 and saved it's owner... and we get ZERO information about bombings in foreign countries or earthquakes that killed thousands of people in multiple places around the world.) American news isn't news... and I doubt it ever will be.

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