PowerPoint 101

Why do people think they must point to every word they say with the laser pointer when they are reading off of the PowerPoint? That makes me want to stab my eyes out.

Oh, now you will start circling the word to make a point? Genius. I think I understand that concept much better now... except that I looked away two minutes ago to avoid going completely insane.

I know how to read. Thank you for showing me that you do as well by reading the lecture directly from the overhead and drawing pretty designs with the laser pointer while you do it!

You also have some weird shaking thing going on that is freaking me out. So put down the laser pointer and step away!


Geneva said...

is it bad that I didn't bother to go regularly to those classes?

Randi said...

That drives me nuts too! Usually its because they didn't practice their presentation much before hand so they don't know what else to do but read it off the overhead and turn their backs on the audience... silly.

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