Goodbye, Utah

When I first came to Utah, I hated pretty much everything about it and couldn't wait until the next break from school so I could go back to Arizona. Three years later, and I am so glad that I came to BYU. Now that I only have two days left here, I came up with a few things I will miss about Utah or BYU and also a few things that I will definitely be fine without.

Things I Will Miss About Utah or BYU:
1. Nearby family
Just a few members of my Utah family.

2. The Mesa
The Mesa is where I lived for my first two years at BYU. This is where I was living when I met Sam. My parents own it.

3. The park where we first said "I love you"
That was a great night...

4. Campus

5. Y on the mountain

6. The Daily Universe

7. The library

8. Swimming with Kayla
My cousin and I would go swimming together every Thursday. I will definitely miss that.

9. Living near Del Taco
The nearest Del Taco to our apartment in Ohio is 2.5 hours away. I don't think Del Taco is a good enough reason to convince Sam to drive that far. There are no Del Tacos in New York.

10. Matthew's baseball games
He didn't get to play very much this season and I will miss not being able to go to his games for the next three seasons.

11. Close temple

Things I Will NOT Miss About Utah or BYU:
1. Snow in the middle of April

2. RB stairs

There are two more flights that you can't see. And I climbed those at least once a day.

3. Parking
Pretty much all Utah County parking enforcement is messed up.

4. Poor apartment management
Goodbye, love fern.

5. No washer/dryer
I hope to never have to live without a washer and dryer again. We would go to my brother's house about once a month and spend six hours doing our laundry.

6. The roundabout
It seems that no one knows how to use a roundabout. I almost die every day. See instructions here.

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Britt said...

you leave when!?!?!?!?! I am sad that I won't get to see you before then. I am in California until the beginning of May! EmmaLou- what am I going to do? Stink!

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