Summer Plans

Sam lives in Ohio now. I have mentioned it twice but never really explained the story.

This is Sam's fifth summer installing security systems (his fourth summer as a lead tech). However, when Icon Security merged with Pinnacle Security, he lost all seniority. We were worried that he wouldn't get to be a lead tech because Pinnacle really values recruiting and, well, Sam isn't exactly the best recruiter. We had been offered offices and then they would be taken away.

Sam's boss called him mid-March and told him that he could go to the Akron, OH office but he would have to start April 1st. That was a really hard decision because after being separated for a month and a half at the end of last summer, we decided that we would never do it again. But we were scared that if we didn't take the Akron office then we wouldn't get any office at all... which would be a major pay cut.

So Sam moved to Ohio on March 30th. It has been really hard but you do what you have to do. The baby is kicking all the time now and he doesn't get to feel it. Also, it is finals and it is really hard to stay motivated when there is no one around. The time change has probably been the hardest adjustment. I keep Sam up on the phone until around 4am Ohio time because I am not tired yet. Oops.

Although Ohio seems super ghetto to me, I will survive. I am excited to live somewhere new and have new experiences.

Sam will come back for my graduation in a week and then we will drive back to Akron for the summer.

Taken by Sam as he entered Ohio.


Randi said...

Awwww. Hang in there Emily. You are so amazing to be finishing up school and being pregnant all on your own. Just think how accomplished you'll feel when you have your school all done, your filthy rich, and have a beautiful newborn baby.

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

I can't imgaine what you must be going through...be strong...I know you can do it :)

MeganandClaudy said...

Sadness...I can't imagine having my husband gone for that long...if you need someone to hang out with give me a call and we'll go catch a movie or something.
Also, if you need help packing let me know :)
Megan Lavin

Geneva said...

How incredibly hard! Stay in there! You can do it!

Reimstar said...

Oh Rob is out of town too. Torture. Dang those summer sales!

Ben and Dena said...

I'm so sorry- it's so hard to be pregnant as it is and now to have Sam gone... :( I'm glad you only have another week to wait to be together again!

Holly Janeen said...

my sister lives in Ohio...

i am seriously so impressed that you are able to handle Sam's absence... i seriously doubt i could survive such seperation- you are one tough cookie! :)

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