Sam always says, "I do what I want." Hearing it so often, I also picked it up. Now it is our reaction to almost everything...

"Did you leave the dishes sitting on the table?"
"I do what I want!"


"Did you just take a bite out of that block of cheese?!"
"I do what I want!"

This is the clip of the episode of South Park where "I do what I want" originated. It is offensive, but will give you an idea of the attitude that comes with the phrase if you are interested.

*Disclaimer: I do not watch South Park. I have never seen an episode. But even if I did, don't judge me! I do what I want!*

I have been thinking a lot about our future kids hearing what we say and then picking up on it. I am now convinced that we are going to have the most ornery kids in the world. This kid's first words are going to be "I do what I want." I guess it is time to start watching what we say!


Bryan and Ellie said...

I think I know who took the bite out of the block of cheese. Some things never change. :-)

We're looking forward to seeing you guys next weekend!

The Paxton Family said...

yeah but those little kids that are cantankerous can be soo cute! (if they aren't just annoying!) so good luck on getting a cute one :-)

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