Our Little Getaway

Sam had to go to Toledo for work and so I decided to make the 2+ hour drive with him. I just sat in the car and read/slept while he worked.

On the drive out there we had a little miscommunication...
Emily: I really like brick.
Sam: By Ben Folds?
Emily: Huh? No, like brick houses.

Sam argues that we were listening to a Ben Folds song and that's why he was thinking about it. But still! He is such a cute little dork!

We drove over a really cool looking bridge. It was hard to take a picture of though.

When he was done working we went to Del Taco! Remember how there is only one Del Taco in Ohio? I was so happy to go!

Del Taco is already white trash. Now imagine one in Toledo, Ohio. Yep. There was a guy on his cell phone the entire time that was talking really loud and said, "It's too bad when people die, man." Yes, yes it is.

It was a very long drive but it was fun to spend the whole day with Sam. Below is a picture of Sam trying to clean the car windows on our way home from Toledo. He was getting so angry because the bug guts wouldn't come off and he was making the cutest faces. Oh, I love him!


Anonymous said...

Funny. I like brick the texture AND Brick the song. You must be good people to like them both, too. : )

Spencer and Anna said...

You don't even look pregnant!

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

he he thats a funny story about the brick situation. I like brick houses and brick the song and so does buck so he would have probably been on the wrong page for a long time but thought we were both talking about the same thing. Its amazing where our minds take us, sometimes we forget others have no idea what we are thinking

The Paxton Family said...

really though, it IS too bad when people die :-)
it's nice that you get to spend some extra time with him like that.
we drove over that bridge on sunday, definitely agree, VERY cool bridge.

Candi said...

I like brick too and Ben Folds.

Anyhow, I like the bridge picture...interesting.

Oh.. Del Taco....Never eaten there...maybe its the brown in me.

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