Following my own footsteps as a student, I failed the gestational diabetes test! I got a 153 when the cut off is 135 (it's like golf, you want a low score). They said there was an 80% chance that I would have gestational diabetes. If gestational diabetes goes uncontrolled, it usually results in C-section but can have more serious consequences such as stillbirth or childhood obesity.

They called me and told me that I had to go take a three hour glucose tolerance test. Panic! I couldn't even keep it down for two hours last time and now I would have to keep it down for at least three!

I had to start fasting 12 hours before the test began so I started fasting on Wednesday night at 7:00 and we got to the hospital the next morning at 7:00.

They drew blood and then I had to wait for 40 minutes while they tested it to make sure I was in a normal range. Everything seemed fine so they gave me that sick drink again. I was gagging it down. I think I will forever hate orange soda now.

One hour after I finished drinking it, they drew more blood. And they did that again at two and three hours after I drank it. I had to go outside and lie down in the grass but I didn't throw up!

The test results came back today and...

I do not have gestational diabetes!


Hopefully that will be the last problem. I only slept for an hour and a half the night before the test because I was so worried! And not eating/drinking for 17 hours did not leave me very happy. Who dares tell a pregnant woman that she can't eat?! Someone with suicidal tendencies, that's who.


Spencer and Anna said...

Well, just prepare yourself, because you can't eat before giving birth either. :)

Disney Princess Babushka said...

I'm so glad that you and the bay are ok Em!! Just keep it girlfriend ;)

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

That's such good news!!! My mom had gestational diabetes with all of us kids, and she said it was the pits.

And I have a funny story about not getting to eat what I wanted...but I think I'll blog about it :)

Lindsey Layton said...

"Who dares tell a pregnant woman that she can't eat?! Someone with suicidal tendencies, that's who"

Haha! Love that! Ans I'm gad you're okay :o)

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