Eventful Evening

Sam and I had a very exciting weekend. We are kind of nocturnal during the summer. Here is a breakdown of our Saturday evening:

- Exercise
11:30pm - Shower and get ready
12:00am - Arrive at party
1:00am - Almost die from second-hand smoke and decide to leave the party
1:15am - Take another shower because the smell of smoke is disgusting
1:45am - Start watching a movie
2:30am - Get a phone call from a drunk coworker who says that a fight occurred between some other coworkers at the party
2:45am - Arrive at the "scene," watch one of Sam's techs get arrested for assault, try to figure out what had happened at the party
3:15am - Try to find the other person involved in the fight but the ambulance already took him to the hospital because his ear was halfway ripped off
3:45am - Get home, finish our movie, put laundry in the dryer
4:14am - Turn off our lights
4:15am - Hear banging on our front door. The tech has been released from jail but has to appear in court. Make fun of tech and tell him he is an idiot.
4:40am - Go to sleep. Finally.
8:30am - Good morning!

Moral of the story...
Drinking is stupid.
Drinking makes you stupid.
Drinking makes everyone around you realize you are stupid.
You are stupid if you drink.
Drinking makes you do stupid things.
I will make fun of you for being a stupid head and drinking.

The end.


Witchgirl Ali said...

Wow! That's crazy!

Randi said...

Wow, that's such a bummer that you have a bunch of stupid people that drink and do stupid thing. I hope you have a great weekend other than that.

Happy early Birthday Sam!! We'll eat some cake and icecream for you next week when we celebrate my birthday... lol. Miss you Emily.

Anna said...

Is this a narration of the episode I already heard about or a different drunken brawl?

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

bahahahahahah this is hilarious!

Angenelle said...

hahah WOW! What a night!

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