Sam's 28th Birthday!

Today Sam turns 28! I married an old man! But I love him so much. He really is perfect for me in every way and I could not be happier. In honor of his birthday, here are

28 Things I Love About Sam

1. He listens to every pointless detail of my boring day when he gets home from work.
2. He can be friends with everyone and they immediately like him. What's not to like?!
3. He eats my leftovers and whatever crazy thing I cook.
4. He is a genius! Cornell! Need I say more?
5. He is amazing with kids and will be a great dad.
6. He helps me make dinner.
7. He is a sexy beast.
8. He can make me happy when I am crying.
9. He puts up with my ridiculousness.
10. He enjoys reading!
11. He washes the pots and pans I hate washing.
12. He is close to his family and stays up to date on their lives.
13. He is willing to share everything he has with me (he bit a Jolly Rancher in half!)
14. We get along. Doing nothing or doing everything.
15. He tells me I am skinny even though I'm pregnant.
16. He calls me cute nicknames.
17. He folds the laundry when I ask him to.
18. He supports me in anything I want to do.
19. He never talks about me behind my back.
20. He married me in the temple.
21. His hand interlocks perfectly with mine.
22. He lets me cut his hair. And he shaves his face for me!
23. He drives on road trips so I can sleep.
24. He works hard so I can be spoiled rotten.
25. He helps me think of words when I can't think of the one I want. (See number 4.)
26. He always answers my phone calls. Even when he's really busy.
27. He keeps me safe and warm.
28. He tells me I am beautiful.

He is fan-freakin'-tastic. Truly.
I love you, Sam! I am looking forward to the rest of our eternity together!


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...


Every Blog of yours I read makes me look up to you even more than I already did. Thank you

Lindsey Layton said...

So sweet! Happy birthday Sam!

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