Indians Game and Rain Delay

Sam and I went to a Cleveland Indians - Tampa Bay Rays game and there was a 2 1/2 hour rain delay after the 3rd inning! It took forever! And it was really coming down.

The game started at 12:05 and ended at 5:30. We had a lot of fun and Progressive Field is so nice! It feels really open and I liked it. Although, I was wishing that it was more like Chase Field (Diamondbacks) so they could close the roof and get on with the game!

The Indians ended up winning 2-1.

The fans were hilarious. B.J. Upton came to the plate to the chanting of "Uptown Girl" (very clever) and Evan Longoria became "Eva." Poor guy. He probably didn't have a problem with his name all growing up and then suddenly he has almost the exact same name as a famous actress. His parents never could have seen that one coming.

Here they are pulling the tarp off the field...

... And pulling it back on after a false alarm that the weather was clearing up. That definitely got booed.


Catherine Glad said...

Ok, WAIT a minute! You guys are in Cleveland?! We went to the Indians vs. Yankees game at Progressive Field on Saturday!! Where are you guys at this summer teching? If you are in Ohio we need to get together!

Catherine Glad said...

So Jason just told me you are in Akron! We are in Kent like 20 minutes away. When are we going to do lunch?!

Catherine Glad said...

K, so every other Friday the girls get together (kid free) for lunch. Tomorrow we are going to the Olive Garden at 11 am. at 480 Howe Road in Cuyahoga Falls! COME!!! Call me at 801-836-7209. Seriously I am BORED out of my mind. We should so hang out!

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