About Four Months?

I used to ask Sam how far along I looked. That was until I started working out with my sister-in-law 10 weeks ago. Since that time, I have lost seven pounds and although I know I still have more to go (eight until my pre-pregnancy weight), my clothes are fitting better and I feel much more confident.


Let's set the scene:
Tonight I was sitting in the Relief Society room waiting for mutual opening exercises. A few stragglers were still in the room from choir practice which had just ended. The young woman who was conducting stood up to begin and the room quieted. I was sitting in an aisle seat (is this an airplane?) with Alex on my lap and a young woman was sitting in the seat to my left with Edison on her lap. An old lady walked by me. She stopped right over me and said, "When are you due?" I hoped that she were talking to someone else but I knew she couldn't possibly be. She was practically stepping on my feet with how close she was to me. I looked straight up at her and said, "I'm not pregnant."

Most people would move on. She then said, "Oh. You're like me. We just always look pregnant. [Something about how long ago she had kids and she still looks pregnant]". I said, "Well, I am not pregnant. This one (Alex) is mine and this one (Edison) is mine." She said, "That explains it. I had a Caesarian and so they tore up all my muscles and I can't ever get my belly to go away."

Remember how the room was silent because we were just about to start? Everyone was staring at me and I felt fat all night (on top of my usual feeling fat-ness). I made it home before I cried.

I had hoped I never would have had a story like this. And if it did ever happen, I planned to have a clever response or just tell the person I was due in four months to spare them from the embarrassment. This lady didn't deserve either response. She was tactless.


Janelle said...

Q: When are you due? A: 7 months ago. I wonder how many times she cried over her belly. I didn't have any C-sections, and I'm perpetually 3 months along, but you all are worth it. :) I lost 2 pounds in the past month!! 7 to go.

The Macks said...

Wow seven pounds! That's hard. I probably would have laughed really loud and then cried. That's how I handle those kinds of terrible awkward moments.

Rachel said...

I am so sorry. Unfortunately, I have quite a few stories like this. My favorite is when I took my 3 day old baby to the store (Nate). I was holding him in MY ARMS. The lady at the cashier asked when I was due. I told her that the baby I was holding in my arms was in fact mine. To her credit, I did still look 7 or 8 months pregnant, but couldn't she have just given me the benefit of the doubt that the baby that I was holding, I repeat, in MY ARMS, was mine?
Pretty much you should never ever ever ever ask the question if someone is pregnant. EVER.
Anyway, so sorry. Good for you for working out. Just be happy that you're healthy. I bet you if you keep working out, the belly bulge you speak of will come off slowly but surely (although I don't know if I believe that you still look pregnant). It took me over a year and a half to get all the baby fat off my body from Emi's pregnancy. And that was with working OUT A TON. I'm not one of those people that the fat just "melts away." (I greatly dislike those people by the way. Mostly because I'm insanely jealous) My fat "melts" form serious time spent at the gym. Yes, it's hard work, but it'll come off. And it'll be worth it.

Linne said...

Oh I wish that woman would have tripped down the isle. Holy rude! Keep up the good work the belly will melt away.

Geevz said...

Yuck! I'm sorry she made you feel fat.
She probably thought she was commiserating with you about baby weight. I am completely impressed with your loss of 7 pounds! Great job! And over 10 weeks is a perfect time line to lose it in to stay healthy. You will be at your goals in no time.

P.S. I think you look fabulous.

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

Wow. I'm speechless. I can't get over the fact that she didn't even seem apologetic or even realize how hurtful the question was...ridiculous.

And way to go for already losing 7 pounds!! That's awesome! Keep it going, wonder woman!!

Naomi Mae said...

Hahaha, isn't having kids great! I'm sure she just felt bad so she tried to save it, but really failed. I stopped asking ANY women, no matter how pregnant they look, when they are due because I got asked that a lot after both kids. One lady told me, while I was holding a 1 month old Oscar, that I was crazy to have another one so close.... Hum lady, how long do you think pregnancy lasts? You can't start another while one is still in the oven! Haha!

But my secret (shhhh) is buying the tank tops from maiden form that hold in post baby belly. It really honestly helps a lot, especially in teaching your stomach muscles to go back to where they used to be.

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