This ward has been probably the hardest adjustment I have ever had to a ward. Maybe it's because we know we'll be here for so long, but I am really trying to find a place to fit. We joined a preschool that women in the ward were organizing, and then the other moms quit after one day. The kids in the group were around Alex's age, which is a little young to focus for long. But one other mom and I have persevered and it has been great! Now that we have a second car, I am able to go to playgroup each week as well. It is really nice to go out and have a relaxing environment to visit without having to run around or pay attention to the next lesson.

We have both received callings in the ward and we have both spoken in Sacrament Meeting, although not together. Sam spoke a few months ago (on obedience) and I spoke today (on missionary work). It was the best talk I have ever given. I was actually able to speak for the full 15 minutes, which if you know how fast I talk when I get nervous, you know that is a miracle. I wasn't even reading my talk the whole time! That is also out of the ordinary for me. I am growing up!

Sam is the Secretary in the Elder's Quorum. When I first heard his calling, I laughed. I am pretty sure Sam  made it through grad school without once writing down a due date. So now he is charge of taking notes and doing other organizational things. So awesome. He is doing a great job though and is learning all of the mens' names since he has to take roll.

I am the Second Counselor in the Young Women's organization. This is my first time serving in Young Women's and I love it! It was tricky at first to schedule Edison so he didn't need me from 6:45pm on, because he is asleep when I get home; but everything has been working out. I really enjoy getting to know all of the girls and the Spirit that is in those meetings. I was in Young Women's for myself not long ago. I am hoping to give the girls in my ward here as great of an experience as I had while growing up.

There are not very many girls in the ward, so although we divide into classes on Sundays, all Wednesday activities are combined. I like it that way. I feel like the Young Women are friends with everyone, instead of just the people in their class.

We have had a lot of fantastic mutual activities. Our last two combined activities have been really fun. First we went ice blocking, and then we had a pinewood derby. The youth are awesome!






Elena said...

I'm the 2nd counselor in Young Women's too! Just called yesterday :)I hope it will be fun.

Matthew & Laura said...

How fun! I think being in the YW presidency would be so much fun. :)

Geevz said...

I loved being in YW's! I've learned it takes around 2 yrs for me to feel truly a part of the ward and not new. Hopefully it is faster for you, I just don't want you to feel discouraged if it takes time.

Great activities btw!

Naomi Mae said...

The snickers car is pretty much just awesome :-)

I hate going to a new church, sometimes the people are amazing and welcoming and you make friends right away and other times church is just a place young because you want to be there, but you never get a chance to make friends :-P it's always a roll of the dice it seems!
But you and Sam always seem to meet ,otw of really cool people and make friends easily where ever you are!

Holly Decker said...

hooray for challenging callings! i bet you are fabulous. good luck with everything and keep up the great work :) one day you will look back and realize how much you have grown from this experience.

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