The Favorite Parent

Alex has been repeating our words after us a lot recently. He usually only repeats the last one or two words of a sentence. This was our conversation as we were driving last night:

Sam: Alex, do you want one or two?
Alex: Two.
Emily: Do you want two or one?
Alex: One.
Emily: Do you want two or three?
Alex: Three.
Sam: Do you want three or two?
Alex: Two.
Emily: Do you like Daddy or Mommy more?
Alex: Momma.
Sam: Grrr. Do you like Mommy or Daddy more?
Alex: Momma.

Emily: Champion!


Naomi Mae said...

Haha! I remember doing that to Jordan with Makayla a lot because he didn't pick up on the "only the last word" thing for a little while.


The Monsons said...

haha that is funny! Hailey is repeating the last words as well. So funny, I always switch it up the words to find out if she is answering my real question, but it doesn't work! Ha!

rebecca said...

haha. awesome! and hilarious.

Rachel said...

Haha. That's perfect. Sorry, Sam, you lose.

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