Labor Day

I was so excited to have Sam home for a whole day! I couldn't let him sit around and relax though. No way! I made lots of plans.


We went to Ikea and wandered around and then bought Edison his very own high chair. We debated moving Alex to the table and letting Edison have that high chair, but Alex still needs to be strapped in and we only have four kitchen chairs so putting Alex in a booster seat would have caused problems if we had people over. It turns out that I am thrilled about the boys having their own high chairs. They are adorable sitting right next to each other and I love watching Edison contort himself and stretch his arm as far as possible in attempts to snag some food from Alex, who is always willing to share veggies with his brother.


We went to the Galleria in Houston and got so lost in the giant mall. It is so large and not planned well at all. It should be called the Labyrinth. But it was a fun experience and we got to do lots of walking. Spending the day as a family was such a sweet experience. Having Sam around makes everything better.



Geevz said...

We have that same high chair and like it. I can never manage to get the tray off though so it makes me feel stupid.

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

I love Alex's face towards Dad's face in the last photo. Priceless.
PS. Thank you for the call! Sorry I couldn't answer it, sometimes work does that to me :-( Loves you!

Naomi Mae said...

Love shopping on Jordan's days off! Hahaha!
Miss your cute family!

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