July was another fun month. I love summertime!

Edison suddenly started calling Declan "Dec(k)." We will see if this lasts.

I prepared tons of cupcakes, cookies, and frosting for mutual and only two Beehives showed up!

Taylor, Zina, and Melanie

TMNT and pizza at the library. It was a questionable "all ages" movie. We left early and on the way home Edison asked, "Were those Ninja turtles being bad?"

Our mailman is the worst.

Playing after Turbo Kick with the Brooks kids.

Watching TV is more fun when you are in a basket.

Lost tooth #2 while eating an apple.

Always catching the wildlife.

Swimming at the Spinner's

Laynie's birthday party at the splash pad // Emma & Edison, Declan & Emma

Free Chick-fil-A for dressing up like a cow.

Crafting at Whole Foods.

Checking out the Gaither's cats before swimming in their pool.

Cheap hot dogs at James Coney Island.

Crafternoon at the library

Toddler Skate at Dairy Ashford Roller Rink

This house is full of crazy. To the brim. All crazy.

Girls night with Amanda and Evelyn. We were out talking until 2am!

Alex drew a picture of a fort and then they drove around to find some wood and Sam built this for him!

Time for prayers.

Off to work!

Declan hated going through the car wash! He was so scared!

Working for some prizes from the summer reading program.

We went to Mercer Arboretum with Chelsey. We were supposed to pack a lunch and I left ours sitting on the kitchen counter and she didn't bring one so we went out for Greek food and then tried out a little cupcake shop.

My friend Amanda lives about 15 minutes from the temple. Sam was out of town but Amanda watched the boys so I could go to the temple. After I got back, we all went swimming at her neighborhood pool and then went to another friend's house for ice cream sundaes.

Alex said, "I like having chlorine eyes because then I can see rainbows on everything!"

Our swimming suits were not even dry and we went to the Moore's neighborhood pool to swim with them.

"Dear Alex, I love you. Happy birthday, Alex! You are my best friend ever. Love, Keaton."

I love the sister missionaries in our ward. Sister Moreno has been in our ward for a long time and I am so sad to see her go!

Emily, Sister Moreno, Sister Greaves

We are so grateful the Gaithers said we can use their pool during the day on weekdays. It is really nice to have a place to go since our neighborhood pool has crazy hours.

Young Women making pajama pants for Girls Camp.

Girls night for frozen yogurt // Natalie, Susan, Brittany, Emily

Brittany, Emily, and Natalie

My MOMS Club went on a tour of HEB. It was such an interesting tour and kept the kids interested the whole time!

A new Blaze Pizza location was opening and they were giving away free pizzas. We met up with the Moores and Mosses for lunch. The line was long but we got four pizzas and had leftovers for a few meals!

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