The Sickness

I got food poisoning on Independence Day and it was the worst. A friend who was at the barbecue with us ended up in the hospital because she also got food poisoning. I was trying to tough it out at home and it was rough. Instead of getting better, I got worse.

On Wednesday, Sam stayed home from work to take care of me. It was the lowest point of my illness.  It was also my first day as a Turbo Kick instructor at the YMCA. I explained to the class that I was not feeling well but I hated that I could not give the class the energy I wanted to be able to give.

On Thursday, I started feeling slightly better but I was still sick. I lost 4% of my body weight in four days.

On Friday, Edison threw up. Luckily it seemed to be a fluke. I was feeling almost entirely better by Sunday. That was my first and hopefully my last food poisoning experience.

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