Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Wife (Sam, yeah, that's right, Sam!)

So as many of you know it is a rare occasion for me to get on an blog, so appreciate this! :-) What is the special occasion you ask? It's Emily's birthday today, the big 21! We can finally go out to bars and get drunk! Now if only we actually drunk, oh well, it's still cool that we will never have another problem where we are trying to go somewhere and she gets turned away at the door. So in honor of her birthday here is a list of 21 reasons why my wife is amazing and I love her.

21. She is beautiful! I constantly fear that she is going to realize that she deserves someone better than me. Here's to hoping that she never does!
20. She has a smoking hot body even after having a child. She doesn't believe it, but I know first hand.
19. She's a very intelligent women. All of you that read the blog know, she can turn a phrase with the best of them.
18. She's very active in our ward. This is good, because I am a little on the anti-social side sometimes, and she helps us get to know more people.
17. She cares about people. She is always very concerned that people that she knows and loves are happy in their lives.
16. She does everything she can to make people feel welcome and at home.
15. She loves our baby. She's so much more patient with Alex than I am. It's rare, but there are times when he's screaming that I'd like to just put my hand over his mouth to keep him quiet, she takes a better tact and comforts him like a good mother should.
14. She IS a good mother. I can tell from every interaction that she has with him how much she loves him and how important his success in life is to her.
13. She loves me. I definitely do things that might make her question why she puts up with me, but she sticks it out regardless of my flaws.
12. She puts up with the inordinate amount of sports (mostly baseball right now) that I make her watch.
11. She is interested in what goes on in my life everyday. She actually wants to hear a run down of what's going on in my classes and with my classmates.
10. She is very supportive. I am applying to internships for next summer and getting rejected to almost as many as I apply to, she's always there with a shoulder to cry on for me and to give me support.
9. She's okay with the fact that I don't plan date nights or anything like that very often, and enjoys hanging out at the apartment with me.
8. She tells me I look good when I get all dressed up for interviews, even if I don't.
7. She's learning to appreciate my sports teams and even learn the names of the players on the Jazz and Red Sox.
6. She trusts me to watch our baby when she goes out with the girls in the ward. Perhaps this is not a good idea, but she does it anyway. :-)
5. She is a very good cook. When she isn't too tired from watching Alex all day, or putting up with me and is able to make dinner, it is delicious!
4. She is very organized. I on the other hand fly by the seat of my pants on a regular basis. The two of us being together help each other be better people. Her more than me though.
3. She helps me stay focused. She is always asking me if I have homework or reading that I should be doing, which inevitably I do, and she encourages me to be a better student and do it.
2. She cuddles me. I'll keep this G-rated, but I'm very happy that I share a bed with her.
1. She completes me. You can call it cheesy that that is number 1 but I don't care, it's true, she makes me a better man, a better father, a better member of the church, and just a better everything.

I love you Emily, and don't you forget it!


Ali said...

Sam you are awesome! Emily couldn't have picked a better husband ;) Happy Birthday Em!!!

Spencer and Anna said...

Awww...that's sweet.

Chelsea said...

Sam that is ssooo sweet!!! :)

Emily happy birthday!!!!

The Harker's said...

Happy birthday Emily! Welcome to being 21. Although, I am not so sure if I can remember that far back anymore!:):):)

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

Yeah I love your wife too. She is the most amazing person I know and I miss her greatly. Thanks for being amazing for her.

Kyle & Rebecca Monson said...

Way to go Sam! Two thumbs up for you as a great husband! Happy Birthday Emily!!

Holly Janeen said...


Randi said...

Awww, that is so cute. Miss you guys! Happy Birthday again Emily!!

Jonny and Sarah said...

Aaww! AAWWWW!!! Jeez, Sam...you wanna give Jonny a few pointers? I can't get him to write anything on our blog for...well, ANYTHING! You da man. That's the sweetest. Happy Birthday to your fabulous Emily :)

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