Our Halloween

Halloween this year was so much fun! On Friday night we went to our ward Trunk or Treat. It was cold outside so they did the Trunk or Treating in the gym. So I guess it was just a lazy version of Trick or Treating. Anyway, we couldn't find any costumes that fit Alex. He was going to be a cowboy but then we couldn't find a cowboy hat his size. So we bought a hot dog costume. It is for dogs. It said right on the packaging, "For Pets Only." We didn't listen.
Happy Halloweiner!

He was asleep through most of the activity.

Golfer, hot dog, and softball player.

Mommy went to the game and got herself a hot dog! Yummy!

On Saturday afternoon we went to Hollenbeck's Cider Mill. We got to see apples being peeled, sliced, and cored, but they were not actually pressing the apples while we were there. We bought some freshly made doughnuts and apple cider.
So true.

Old-fashioned and delicious.

The girls (and children).

Then we went to Eddydale Farm Stand because we heard they had a deal where you could get as many pumpkins as you could carry for $5.
Sam totally could have carried five!

We made jack-o-lantern pizzas again and this time we had friends over!
Before we started designing.

Sam's and Emily's before the oven.

Nathan and Kristen's after the oven (I rolled out the dough so the shape of it is entirely my fault).

While the pizzas were cooking we carved pumpkins.
Before the mess.

We are awesome!

With the finished pumpkins.

Alex and Canon. They look... cozy.

After carving pumpkins we formed a band and jammed out on Rock Band. We didn't have a single trick-or-treater the entire night! Or at least we couldn't hear them knocking over our rocking out.
Kristen, Nathan, and Sam.

Canon fell asleep very soon after I took this picture.

Alex sound asleep.

Halloween has never been a very important holiday to me but I think we now have a tradition of making jack-o-lantern pizzas and that makes Halloween so much better. Yay for family and friends!


Spencer and Anna said...

I love the hot dog costume. I've been tempted to buy dog things for Grace, too. The toys are cheaper. :) And Alex's jammies make him look like a cute little pumpkin. Glad you guys had fun!

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

Thats and awesome idea! Buck isn't the biggest fan of carving pumpkins and out here in the middle of no where nothing really happens with the adults because after the age of 16 you cant go trick or treating and you can't wear masks. its dumb!!!!

Tara said...

What a fun Halloween! I LOVE that you put Alex in a dog costume!! whatever works, right?

Anna said...

I'm SO glad you didn't listen to the "pets only" warning. SOOOO cute!

Roo said...

looks like it was a fun halloween!!!

ames said...

ok so this weekend...your house...pizza and rock band?!?! only kidding, but seriously looks like a ton-o-fun

Jonny and Sarah said...

That's the cutest hot dog I've ever seen! Wait...are hot dogs cute? LOL! Seriously hilarious. And your bat pumpkin rocks!!!

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