Tuesday Thyme: What Not To Do

My mom told me I needed to post this so people wouldn't think I am perfect.

Our ward's Girls' Night Out is at my apartment tonight! I decided that we would decorate sugar cookies. So last night I started making the cookies. I have never successfully made sugar cookies. Also, I am not very good at baking. I would rather make five dinners than one dessert. So back to the sugar cookies... My cookies should be listed on failblog.org under "Sugar Cookies Fail." The recipe called for 4 1/2 cups of flour but it was still too runny to roll out so I started adding flour. Pretty soon I had added almost 7 cups of flour and it was still too thin to roll out. I was about to throw it away but I decided to make them round and put them in the oven. Please note that this recipe has been made successfully by my friend. So it was not the recipe, it was me.

I ended up with biscuits.

So the "cookie dough" went in the garbage and I decided I was going to make pumpkin pie instead. I pulled out my great-grandma's pie crust recipe which is delicious and makes the most amazing pies. I couldn't get the dough to stay together so I put more water in and I think I overdid it. I ended up with a very messy kitchen and two empty pie pans.

Before I cleaned the kitchen for the third time.

I gave up and went to the store to buy pie crusts. And while I was getting Sam to take this picture, I burned our dinner. Life is awesome!

Happy that I am done baking!


Jershon & Shelly Lopez said...

Emily, you make me laugh. I miss you! I hope that everything is going well in New York. If you come back to Utah anytime soon (before next August), let me know!

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

Haha oh emily. I wish we lived closer together because I love to bake and we could have fun together. :-)

Camille said...

Hey, I forgot about Tuesday Thymes! You should bring them back, officially.

Oh, and don't worry. My entire life should be on failblog.

Pies? No way.

Jonny and Sarah said...

I attempted pie crust ONCE. Never again I say! At least you had a good attitude about burning dinner :) I usually throw something.

Britt said...

you make a killer crunchy spaghetti, though!! Love you Emaloo. I hope you are loving NY! :)

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