Peter Whitmer Farm

My friend Cameron is on his mission in the New York Rochester Mission. That mission covers the church history sites around here as well. That includes the Peter Whitmer Farm. The Whitmer home is right next to the church building that houses the visitor's center. I was talking to Cameron and he said he had a district meeting at the church on Wednesday and that if we came to the Whitmer farm then he would go on a tour with us after the meeting. I was worried because I am not sure how much this was breaking the rules but it turns out it wasn't a problem at all! We even got to take him and his companion out to lunch since they had about an hour before their next appointment!

On the drive out we saw some Amish children playing field hockey. I admire them. They know how to have fun.

The Peter Whitmer home (reconstruction).

Inside the reconstruction of the Whitmer home.

Outside the church building/visitor's center. It was the most beautiful chapel I have ever seen.

After lunch with Elder Bodrero. We went to a small diner and the waitress asked us if we just got baptized. It was funny.


Ali said...

OMG you found Cameron! I've been there twice since he's been out there and have never found him!! Nice!

P.S. I love the Peter Whitmer farm. That was one of my favorite stops we n=made in NY. The Sacred Grove and the Palmyra temple being my favorites.

Roo said...

Hey, So I need to get your number and email so I don't have to jot you notes on the blog always. will you email me at roomcallister @ gmail so I have your address!! Thanks

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