My brother is a missionary!

Flannel entered the MTC yesterday! He will spend 12 weeks there learning Russian and then be off to Ukraine. I talked to him for a few minutes yesterday and he sounded very excited. I am going to miss him and it is hard to believe Alex will be running around before he sees Uncle Flannel again. I am thrilled for him to have this experience and am looking forward to meeting an even better brother in a couple of years!

This video is just sound and it is Flannel singing and playing the piano to a Josh Groban song. He is so talented!



Randi said...

That is so neat!!! My brother is at the MTC right now! We get his letters each Thursday... which is today. He's been at the MTC for 7 weeks learning Spanish so my little bro, (Elder Luke Frampton) said that he got to be a Host yesterday to the new missionaries entering the MTC. I wonder if he got to take your brother around and get him settled and stuff. That would be so cool. Its such a small world. I'm sure they won't ever see each other since they're not learning similar languages at all, but its a fun fact. Go Flannel!

Candi said...

He has a beautiful voice, so talented. He is going to be a great missionary, so crazy though, my lil brother has a year left. I feel so old.

Janelle said...

It was an Elder Wilson that ended up being his host that first day. What a fun job.

The Harker's said...

I hope your brother has a great experience on his mission! It's fun to see your blog and what you guys have been up to here. Alex's pictures are adorable. It's so much fun as these little babies start growing up more and more.:)

Jen said...

Oh to speak Russian all day long...sigh...what a dream =). At least once you get the hang of it until then it's tears and self doubt. He'll be GREAT though!!!! LOL Tears from the language happen with the female gender =). So fun!!! About the camera, a D-90 is pretty nice as is the Cannon Rebel. Kev did most of the research (TONS of research) and I will GLADLY give you his number if you ever want to ask him. You might still have it, they're the same, we're the same...everything is the same. Do I sound depressing to anyone else??? I'm a REALLY HAPPY PERSON!!!! REALLY!!!

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