The nature of people

Last night as I was lying in bed, I was thinking about high school. I don't really remember a lot of details which is surprising since I only graduated three years ago. I am not sure if this memory loss is a blessing or a curse. I have memories of random moments, people, and feelings. They usually either bring a smile to my face or even cause me to laugh out loud. While going through my memories of high school, I thought of something I have not thought of for years. In the last couple of weeks before I left to BYU, I wrote a letter to each of my friends or teachers who influenced me. I wrote over fifty letters. It took me hours because they were each personal -- saying exactly how each person had changed me for good. I still have no idea why I wrote those letters and I doubt anyone kept them, but I am glad I did it.

Sometimes I don't think I appreciate those around me enough. I forget to verbally recognize their service. Or even their kindness. It is so easy to feel like I am owed something. But "common" courtesy is not even required of people. People are not dictated to be nice to each other and yet I meet beautifully nice people everywhere I go. They are not trying to use me to network to someone better (it wouldn't be successful even if they were because I have no connections). I always just thought it was because they had no reason to be rude, but they have no reason to be nice either. They just are.

I need to write some more letters. Or even though it is difficult, I could tell them. It is nice to feel needed, loved, and important and everyone deserves to feel that way. I could try a little harder to not feel as deserving of people's kindness so I could learn to appreciate that kindness just a little bit more.


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

you are amazing thank for this entry

ames said...

eloquently put, Emily. And though i have only known you for a short while, i was blown away by your sincere kindness. Its refreshing to hear from a happy person because they choose to be. And that the simple joys and kindesses aren't taken for granted. love it

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