My birthday celebrations

Thank you for the birthday wishes! That was such a nice post by Sam! I was very surprised seeing as he told me he was writing cover letters. Sneaky, little devil! Now I will tell you about what we did for my birthday...

We went to the Cornell vs. Brown football game. Cornell is awful! We had a lot of fun but they were worse than my high school team. It was embarrassing.
It was sunny so Sam happily shaded Alex.

He fell asleep about 30 seconds later.

Then we went to the adult session of stake conference. After the session there was a potluck so I had a lot of food and desserts. Yummy.

We went to Target and walked around and bought a photo album and bread. Exciting, huh?

Then we went to our friends' house and watched the BYU football game. Oh man, that was embarrassing, too. My birthday brings bad luck to my schools, I guess. Yes, I said "my." We decided that I can say Cornell is my school even though I do not actually attend.
Sam, Alex, Nathan, Canon, and Kristen

They were born 13 days apart! And Alex looks stoned.

I can't imagine that would be comfortable.

Then we came home and watched Runaway Bride. It was a very fun birthday and Alex cooperated the entire time. I know he looks unhappy in the pictures, but those were probably the only times he was upset all day. I'm 21! Woo hoo!


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

I love looking at your pictures. They make me very happy.

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Our high school football team was AWESOME! What are you talking about :)

I'm sorry I forgot to wish you happy birthday, but it looks like you had a great one anyway :) Sam's post is uber cute...I wish my Jeffrey was as motivated to write on my blog...oh well. Love you lots!

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