A name and a blessing

Sam blessed Alex in sacrament meeting on October 11th. Lots of family members were able to come and it was very nice. Two other babies were blessed on the same day and Alex was asleep until just before it was his turn. He then woke up and was smiling and looking around during his blessing. He is such a good baby and we love him so much. I am so grateful for the Priesthood and the blessings it brings to our lives.

With the Warnick family

Bardsleys, Hiltons, Neils, and Merkleys

I was blessed wrapped in that same blanket.

After I remembered to put his adorable shoes back on.

The daddy.

The mommy.

The men (missing Bryan).


Noelle said...

I think it is so fabulous that you could have something from your childhood involved in your baby's. Congrats on such a beautiful, happy boy. =)

lindser-lou said...

that last picture is great - what a special day! he is one handsome little man

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