Diagnosis: Obsession

I am not sure why I even want to write this down but I think about this man a lot and so I feel like sharing.

I have gone through times when I love other actors (such as Christian Bale, especially in Newsies) but there is one actor who has, and I think always will be, my favorite actor. That man is Dick Van Dyke. How strange to choose an old man as a favorite actor when most girls are fawning over the most recent dreamboat. It's not like I want his sexy body or something ridiculous like that. Although I do think he is quite charming.

Growing up, I loved a show called "Diagnosis Murder." It came on TV at 9:00pm. I would sit in my closet with my portable TV (which was about 2") and watch it. On Friday nights, I was even allowed to stay up and watch it in the family room since my bedtime wasn't until 10:00pm! Dick Van Dyke played a doctor named Mark Sloan. He would solve murders. He was so smart but often got caught in very difficult situations, which probably could have easily been avoided but that wouldn't make for good TV. I still remember many episodes and have seen most of them more than once. They no longer play Diagnosis Murder on TV and that is a crying shame. When they stopped playing it, I moved onto to shows like "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" and other TGIF nonsense.

I still remember one episode of "Diagnosis Murder" where a man died while muttering something about a blooty bird. Mark Sloan (Dick Van Dyke) could not figure out what the man meant and then finally realized he was saying, "Blue T-Bird." Saying that the person who killed him drove a blue T-Bird. Brilliant! Who writes these things?

So that is my celebrity crush. An 84-year-old man who once ran around with cymbals between his knees and was a chimney sweep, then became a crime-solving superstar. I think he is a pretty swell guy. Now if only I could find a way to meet him. Heaven? Done.


jonnajack said...

I think this is a VERY wise choice. I loved Diagnosis Murder when I was little. He is so talented and I love watching old movies with him in it. Dick Van Dyke is a classic!

danielle said...

Mary Poppins is the best. In LOVE with chimney sweeps. :)

Camille Elise said...

I think I vaguely remember watching Diagnosis Murder with you on occasion when I came over to "play". haha

Merkley Jiating said...

Yay, Danielle! Spread the good word! Dick Van Dyke is incredible!

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