"I'm a piranha!"

Teeth just keep showing up and we have no idea when they are coming! Alex is not fussy at all. One day we were trying to show a friend Alex's third tooth and then noticed that a fourth one had come in! He is still nursing strong. He bit me once but I rectified that and we haven't had a problem since. Alex is such a good baby and, although his top teeth make him look a little funky, he is still so cute. He has a serious attitude and it cracks us up. Sometimes he gets angry and pouts. He is so serious about it but we just laugh. Then he stares at us, looks confused, and then chuckles. Oh, he is the bright spot of every day.


Anna said...

First of all, your little boy is so darling!

Secondly, I wish I could have seen him in person!!! You came to the city?!?!?! Well, I'm glad you had fun with your family, but one of these days we really should bump into each other!

Thirdly, I can't believe your brother helped make that video! It really is a small world in the church. Thank him for letting me use it, please. :)

Rachel said...

I love the toothy grin.

My little Emi still hasn't gotten her first tooth--so strange! Nate had 14 teeth by 14 months, so for Emi to not have a single one at almost a year is a change. I'm kind of dreading the teething process. I'm impresses Alex doesn't complain about his. I can only hope for the same luck.

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