It is a miracle we had a fourth date.

It should be clear by now that sports are very important to me. Obviously, it is an obsession of Sam's. However, I grew up playing baseball/softball and swimming. I would sometimes watch golf and a few tennis matches on television. Basketball was boring to me and I never watched it. Sam, on the other hand, watched as many Jazz games as he could. If he couldn't watch them, he would try to listen to them on the radio. That is dedication!

At the end of our third date (I think), we were back at my house playing ping pong in my basement. He started asking me about basketball; I had seen on his Myspace (we were so cool back then) that he really liked basketball.

Being that it was the beginning of our relationship, I was still trying to impress him in everything I did or said. He asked me who was my favorite basketball team. Now, remember, [pointing at self] not a basketball fan. I could only think of two teams. So I said, "Probably the Lakers or the Suns." Good idea, Emily; you can only name two basketball teams, how about you just shout them both out and see what he thinks. I could see the disappointment on his face. Sam's hatred for the Lakers runs deep and cold.

Sometimes I look back on that moment and think, "Wow, I was an idiot. Why do I pretend like I know things I know nothing about?" I am glad Sam decided to overlook my ditziness and continue to be seen with me. I still don't quite share his hatred for the Lakers, but I think it is entertaining and I don't like them, just out of respect for my husband.

I am not saying I was ashamed of my opinion. The difference is that I did not have an opinion.

I am really glad we had a fourth date, and fifth, and sixth. I am glad we still go on dates now. We even count a trip to the grocery store as a date. And if Alex is there? It is still a date, just because we are spending time together. Dating is the best.

This photo was taken three days before our first date. Good things start at Del Taco!
 Ben, Kaitlyn, and Sam (photo by Emily)


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

haha oh emily. :-)

Camille Elise said...

Hey. I remember Ben. Where is that guy now???

Rebecca said...

haha cute!! I love the little funny stories of pre-marriage!

Jen Western said...

That's a good one! Sam (my Sam) and I almost didn't have a first date because of a stupid remark I made. You see, my Sam loves cars probably more than your Sam loves baseball. With a group of friends on the night we met, he heard me mention that someone could ride with me in my truck. A girl having a truck is pretty much the best turn on for Sam, so he asked me what kind I had. I replied "a pickup"(that is what it said on the title! 1994 Toyota Pickup) Which was most defintely the end of any possible converstaion that night. He gave me a second chance the next time we all hung out, but he still makes fun of me about it!

P.S. I am catching up on your blog. I love being a blog stocker of yours, but it's been a while. Alex is still so dang cute! I can't believe he is almost a year old!

Jen Western said...

Just clicked that I wrote baseball instead of basketball. I am wonderful at saying/writing things before I really think about it. Obviously.

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