Roaming Pennsylvania

Sam's sister, Ellie, and her family came to visit from Columbus, Ohio. We were so excited to have visitors and a home to welcome them into. We met them Saturday (6.17.10) morning in Hershey. First we went on a tour of Chocolate World. It was too early in the morning for my mouth to be watering and I couldn't really hear anything that the recording was saying, but it was still fun.

After Chocolate World, we went to Hershey Park. We had originally decided Hershey Park was too expensive but Sam gets an employee discount from AP so we thought it would be worth it. The lines were ridiculously long and Sam and I each only went on one ride! I think the kids had fun though.

Alex slept in our closet so the kids could have his room. I was worried about it but he actually slept really well. I think it had something to do with us dragging him around the city and barely letting him take a nap.

While we were cleaning up breakfast on Sunday, water started flooding the kitchen floor. We cleaned it up and then I called emergency maintenance on my way to church. We got home to see a note that said, "There is no leak. The tenants above you are using too much detergent. I talked to them about it." So I started making lunch. It was a really nice meal, too! When I was about halfway done, the water sensor started beeping again. So I called the maintenance guy back and he came right back. He was banging around in our kitchen the whole time we were eating. I invited him to eat with us but he had just eaten.

After lunch, Sam took us to AP and gave us a tour. He drove with Bryan and Stephen in their car while I drove our car with Ellie, Nora, Andrew, and Alex. We got separated and I didn't know the way home. We drove around for an extra 30 minutes and took about every wrong possible turn. Sunday was not my day. The one redeeming point was that we saw a short limo and Andrew said, "I guess that limo has not been stretched yet."

I love the picture of Ellie after she blew out all of the candles in one try. She looks so proud of herself, as she should, since it was a lot of candles (33)!

We went into Philadelphia on Monday. We didn't have as much time as we expected so we didn't get to see very many things. Last time we went on a tour of Independence Hall, they didn't take us upstairs! This time we got to go up there and it was so cool to see it.

 We went to lunch at Jim's Steaks and then the Warnicks began their long drive home. Sam went and did a service ticket and Alex and I hung out in the car.

We loved having visitors and we are so glad we tricked the Warnicks into visiting! I think it helps that we live nearby a really cool city. If we end up coming back to Allentown, we hope to trick many more people into visiting us.


The Harker's said...

We have never been to Hershey yet, but it looked like fun. Sounds like it was crazy crowded at the Park though. And I like that you and Sam had some Dipping Dots (is that what they are called?) I have always wanted to try them, but never had. When do you guys head back to Ithaca?

Katie said...

You little boy is so cute!

So, I'm so happy that you have a blog. Now I can stalk you and find out all that's going on in your life. Well..at least all the great events you post :-)

I hope all is well, dear emily!

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