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Sam is on one of AP's softball teams. It is intra-company play but it is still fun. We went to a game on July 12th even though we could see a storm was coming.

Slow-pitch softball is painful for me to watch. Everything is so, well, slow. The pitcher would throw the ball, say something to the batter like, "That's a good one," and then the batter would swing at the ball. It was ridiculous. I am not patient enough for that. Also, the slower it comes in, the slower it goes out. Then people stumble around trying to get each other out. I asked if there was a mercy run-rule after the top of the first because Sam's team was embarrassing the other team. They got three innings into the game and then called it because of the lightning. The sad part was that they called it right in the middle of Sam's at-bat! It was pretty lame but they are going to reschedule that game so we will probably go watch that one, too.

The picture of me with Alex has a pretty cute story. I would throw a softball and then run and bounce over to it. He was cracking up and it was so fun. I guess he likes when he is not the only person chasing after a ball.

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Kristen Sheranian said...

That looks like fun! That is cute that he loves to chase after the ball. Canon loves balls too. Can you believe that we will be in Ithaca so soon? We only have three more weekends left here. It is going by so fast. I can't wait to see you guys.

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