Alex is aging! (11 months)

Weight: 18 pounds, 4 ounces
Length: 28.5 inches

I wish I could have Alex's entire life thus far on video and replay it on fast-forward (because I don't want to miss what is currently going on just because I am looking back!) so I can remember how happy I am right now. People tell us all the time that kids are so fun... until they are teenagers. Do people really hate their kids once they become teenagers? I cannot imagine ever disliking Alex. The things below are such a small percentage of what he is doing. He is constantly learning new things, making adorable faces, and terrorizing our house. It would be impossible to capture it all. Sometimes when he does something extra adorable I think, "I should get my camera!" Sometimes I do get it, but most times I just sit there and hope I will be able to pull that mental picture from my file folder of memories for the rest of my life. Alex is an angel to us and we worship the ground he drags his little toes around on.

 He lounges off the side of his high chair.

 He takes big bites.

He has some awesome karate moves.

He is filthy rich!

He is still obsessed with books.

He stands for a second before he falls.

He loves looking up.

He drinks out of cups and spills all over.

He puckers his lips.

He gets confused.

He chews on pencils.

He claps his hands (and bangs them on everything).

He just lies on the floor. For no reason.

He loves playing with doorstops.

He stands at the door and pounds on it.

He tries to fall off the balcony.

He makes adorable angry faces.

He gets Cheerios stuck to his chin.

He tries to climb trees.

He helps unload the dishwasher. Even if they're dirty.

He gets food stuck between his only teeth (at the time).

He loves carts that let him face forward.

He is obsessed with Mommy's hair brush.

He is always carrying around pacifiers. Notice the marks on his face from his nap.

He tried some spaghetti, but it ended up on his head.

He has got some groovy moves.

He jams out by sitting on the guitar.

He eats Daddy's headphones.

He hides under the bed.

He pinches his fingers in doors and cabinets.

He pulls on his ear.

 He walks around with this toy all day.

He loves the pool. Loves it.

 He will not let any toys stay the way they are supposed to be.

 Action shot: He stands between the chair and desk and dances/falls.

He learned how to turn pages!

He yells...

...And yells some more.

He can yell for a loooong time.

He fights with his toys.

He will do just about anything to get to a pacifier.

He spins around and around with this chair.

A rare calm moment (right when he wakes up).

He bites my toes.

He plays with Al, his xylophone.

He thinks it's funny when WE get hurt.

We mostly hurt Daddy.

He is a biter!

He loves playing with doorstops.

He gets startled.

He helps his uncle play the piano.

He had never seen a phone cord before!

He loves watermelon.

He loves Cheerios.

He is good at getting things OUT.

He loves portable toys.

He thinks he's taller and stronger than he is.

He gives Mommy's head a rest and pulls Daddy's hair.

Favorite video: He shows off his muscles.

He has some new tricks.

He is a pro at climbing up stairs. We're still working on coming down.

He never stops moving.

We love stealing his pacifier.

He crawls back and forth over a small bump. Weirdo.

He throws temper tantrums when we take away his toy.

We torture our son in the following ways:
We put him in plastic bags.

But sometimes we are nice and let him peek out.

We make him slide down railings.

He make him drink from a baby fire hydrant.

We put our feet on his high chair.

We make him do tricks while he is sleepy.

 We take pictures instead of moving him away from outlets.

We stick his head under water falling off the tent.

Here are a few more things Alex does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...acts like he is conducting music, even if no music is playing.
...had his very own laptop for one week (thanks Grandpa Neil!) that he happily pounded on and removed many of the keys.
...will mimic every simple sound we make.
...loves getting knocked over.
...will crawl up to me and put his head on my leg or arm (whichever he can reach) when he wants picked up.
...will always eat big people food, even if he is stuffed of baby food.
...tries to yell when he has the hiccups. It is entertaining.
...will immediately stop what he's doing and head for an abandoned pacifier if he sees it on the ground.
...knows how to put in his own pacifier and flip it the correct direction.
...yawns when he is choking.
...arches his back when we put him in his carseat so we can get the buckles from behind his back.
...wraps his fingers around Mommy's arm while nursing.
...will spit out the pacifier he currently has in his mouth when he comes across a new one to replace it.
...has lots of questions (he is frequently raising his hand).


Bryan and Ellie said...

Wow, that's a lot of pictures. All of them adorable, of course! Can't wait to see the original in two weeks!

Anonymous said...

Haha the picture of him in the plastic bag is hilarious. it seems like you guys always have such a great time together! i've actually heard that boys are tougher to raise when they're younger and easier as teenagers, whereas girls are the other way around. go figure.

and no, sadly the washers and dryers in our apartment complex do not have a change machine anywhere around them. brian and i have tried going to other laundromats, but their change is for their customers only. boo. lol

Rebecca said...

That karate kick is insane!! He is flexible and crazy strong!

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

I have the same feelings about my kids--I would never want to stop them growing, because each new stage is so much fun, but sometimes I would like to slow things down just a little because I'm afraid they'll be all grown-up before I know it! I guess that's what photos are for--to try and remember as much as possible! B

Camille Elise said...

Wow. That was a LOOOONNNGGG post. My favorite: "he bites my toes". HAhahahahaha. That kid has a sense of humor. Good job Em

The Paxton Family said...

What a little cutie! I cannot BELIEVE he is almost a year old! That just amazes me! I love your monthly posts full of pictures and videos of Alex! It is so cool to be able to watch him grow from afar!

The Paxton Family said...

I just LOVE all of your comments! I logged on and got the biggest grin when I saw them all! You completely made my day better!!!! Thank you!

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Holy moly!! This is the king-kong of all posts! It's so long, but so worth it! I love all the pictures...especially the one where he's in the plastic bag and his hair is all static-y. Awesome. He is getting SO big! I can't believe he's almost a year old...time for another! ;)

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