Death to another Love Fern

Remember that time our beloved Love Fern was robbed right from our very own balcony?

Well, right before we moved to Ohio we replaced it with another one. One that seemed much easier to keep alive since it was an inside plant. Ironic that being an inside plant brought the ultimate demise of this Love Fern.

You see, when we moved to Pennsylvania, I drove my car and Sam drove the moving truck that was towing his car. The usual form of transportation for our Love Ferns is to have them ride with us, like a pet. Sam has even been known to let the Love Fern ride in the front seat as long as it promises to wear its seatbelt.

For this move, we packed a lot of fragile things in my car and, without thinking, we put the Love Fern in Sam's car. There it would surely be safe. We forgot one crucial point: Sam wouldn't be in his car, thus it would not be turned on.

The poor thing shriveled to death from spending four hours in his scorching car. We tried to nurse it back to health but to no avail. It met an untimely death. Maybe it will meet Love Fern #1 in plant heaven and they can talk about their cruel murders (one of which, mind you, was not by our hands).


Elena said...

That is a pretty dead love fern ... but not dead love right?

The Harker's said...

Never knew that was called a Love Fern. Learned something new today, thank you Emily.:)

Brea said...

ahhh.... how sad!

Michelle said...

You make me laugh so hard. My cheeks hurt. Time to take a break from Emily's blog.

Merkley Jiating said...

Oh, thanks, Michelle! That made me happy! When are you going to come visit us in New York?! We could road trip to NYC and visit Libby! Bring Keaton. Sheldon is optional. :)

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