Step... Step... Step... Faceplant.

We have been incredibly stingy with Alex's firsts. I am not sure why. We are supposed to be the crazy first-time parents who count the first word at three months old when the baby babbles, "Dadda." But we aren't. We have strict guidelines which we are inclined to follow.

After about two weeks of Alex taking a few steps and then falling, we still were not counting it because he was not able to balance himself and stand. That has been conquered so we finally decided to count him as walking once he could stand for 10 seconds and take 10 steps! This happened on July 14th. Although, sometimes we will turn around and he will be walking across the room and we are not sure where he started.

He doesn't have to pull himself up on something anymore. He can be in the middle of a room with his hands and feet on the ground, stick his butt up in the air, and then stand up. He is definitely getting better and he trusts himself more as well. We are so excited for this new stage. He was been crawling for almost six months and we are definitely ready for the next stage!

It is nearly impossible to get a good video of him walking because he wants the camera so much. In this video, he takes a few steps and then starts playing with the cell phone. Oh well. Use your imagination.

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Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Oh wow!!! He's walking already?! Wasn't he just born?? Haha, how fun!!! I'm so excited for you!

(And did you mean he started walking on JULY 14th?? You have it written as August 14th, and I had to do a little double take...wait, it's already August??? Haha!)

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