My little baby's all grown up and *sniff* turning one!

You have a tissue? I started crying while thinking about writing this post. My baby is a year old today. The past year has flown by. I feel like someone is playing a practical joke and ripped a few months out of the calendar (it was probably Alex, he's always ripping up important papers). We are so happy Alex joined our family last August and I cannot figure out how we were so lucky. He is so well-behaved and is almost always happy. He is an amazing sleeper and I can put him in his crib even when he isn't tired and he will go to sleep. He loves playing with things that aren't really toys and sometimes I wonder why we even bought toys! He is my little sweetheart who will only cuddle when he's tired or nursing. I love the sweet moments we have together while he is nursing. I can't believe I thought about stopping around three months. I cannot say enough good things about him. He is the sunshine in our lives.

Weight: 18 pounds, 10 ounces
Length: 29 inches

He climbs in and out of the laundry basket.

 He got toilet paper stuck to his foot!

He even looks cute while looking dumb.

He rips up important notebooks while I am sleeping.

He puckers his lips.

He climbs over everything instead of going around it.

He stands up his books.

He still loves the swings.

He relaxes in his high chair.

He climbs over the arm rest and onto the end table.

He plays RockBand.

He gets stuck in corners.

He plays with the plunger... until we see him with it.

He finds pacifiers that had been missing for weeks!

He snuggles in the mornings.

He loves the laundry basket.

He will not stay seated in the grocery cart!

He gets tired from playing with his toys.

Playing with the keyboard.

He has a cute, huge smile.

He uses anything he can find to get a little higher.

He won't play with the cell phone once it has been locked.

He learned how to flush the toilet.

He won't walk when we want him to.

He helps push the grocery cart.

He gives good high fives.

He tips over.

He eats dirt and other sick things outside.

He eats the bark in the park.

He cries when Daddy walks out the door.

He does a bear crawl when on the sidewalk.

He crawls under his crib.

He gets in fights with pillows.

He is very smart.

He plays with his food and makes big messes.

Sometimes food is funny.

He cannot walk straight.

In a rare moment, he just relaxes on the ground.

He pulls the rubber off the door stoppers and chews on them.

He is saying, "Nom Nom Nom!" Seriously!

He attacks the camera and the camera attacks him.

We torture our son in the following ways:

We put him in the washing machine. He is terrified of it. He clings onto our arms when we walk near the washer, dryer, or dishwasher.

This is probably why he's so afraid.

He fell onto the edge of the TV stand.

He dropped a dumbbell on his foot.

We make "chalk" outlines of his body.

We feed him sugar cereal.

We bury him under clothes.

Here are a few more things Alex does for which we do not have a matching picture.
...doesn't like mandarin oranges. So strange.
...will eat any food from us but does not like baby food very much.
...is always making blowing noises.
...plays catch with us or by himself.
...loves all things water: bath, pool, puddles.
...puts his arms up when we are putting on or taking off his shirts.
...pulls all of Sam's socks off the shelf. Every day.
...will not play with the laptop if it is sitting on the ground closed.
...takes off his own shoes and socks and gets very excited when he gets his socks off.
...opens the bathroom cupboard and gets into the garbage can.
...pulls all of the nuts off of the baking shelf in the kitchen.
...teases you with food. He holds it out to you and then if you open your mouth, he quickly sticks it in his own mouth!
...chews things with his lips puckered because his only teeth are in the front.
 ...does the splits when we set him down to change his diaper.
...grinds his teeth.


Rebecca said...

SO cute. All those videos are so funny to me because they remind me EXACTLY of how Hailey acts. All the sounds and playing--except for the walking. Congrats on a 1 year old!

Lcurls said...

I love how you document his life so well, I'm definately going to be as good of mom as you when I have children. He's so dang cute. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alex! NOM NOM NOM!:)

Chelsea said...

congrats on his one year :)

Janelle said...

He's never going to want to help do the laundry when HE grows up. Torture is the right word. My, how fast a whole year has gone.

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Happy Birthday Alex!! I can't believe it's already been a year! I remember being pregnant and anticpating his birth!! Oh man. I can't hardly believe it. You've got one handsome little man :)

Merkley Jiating said...

Mom - We definitely think he is a little traumatized by it. But he likes pushing the "On" button on the dryer so maybe he will get over it. Maybe?

Mrs. Ellis Jay Lee said...

Emily, I just want you to know that I think Alex is adorable!!! It's nice to be able to read about all the things that he does!

Elena said...

Old woman. I can't believe you have a baby let alone a one year old. But I'm glad for him that he has such a great mom :)Keep up the good work Emily!

Michelle said...

Keaton was laughing at the balloon golf video. Can't wait 'til they can play together.

I definitely need to see a video of this one: "He teases you with food. He holds it out to you and then if you open your mouth, he quickly sticks it in his own mouth!" That's wedding reception slide show material.

Merkley Jiating said...

Michelle - I am so excited for Keaton and Alex to play together again! I will try to get a video of the food teasing.

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