We have another move ahead of us today. That is the move back to Ithaca. We had a wonderful summer, it just went too fast. I have always somewhat enjoyed moving; it is a chance to go through everything I own, reminisce on the times we've had, and gives me a chance to recreate myself in a new area. However, moving is also very difficult. It is expensive to move. It is tiring. I have to make new friends and get accustomed to a new place.

This is the first time in our marriage that we will be moving back to a ward we have lived in before (although we will be living in a different apartment complex). I have noticed that I fall into patterns when I live somewhere. Moving helps me break those patterns. I get to become more of the person I want to be without old habits wearing me out.

My brother, Flannel, is serving a mission in Ukraine right now. He said, "We only have two kind of trials/experiences. Nice ones and helpful ones." In a different letter, he wrote, "Going to a different place and having to make new friends is truly a blessing, however hard it may be. You can always learn new things. And in the end, that's why we are here on earth. To learn and grow."

I guess I need to have a better attitude about this move and get on the road. That's what I will do. Peace and love, Allentown. See you soon, tiny city of Ithaca.


The Paxton Family said...

What a valiant effort at being excited to move :-) I really do like moving too other than the expense, and making new friends :-P
Jordan and I thought we would be able to be here till Halloween, but now it looks like we may move next week! :-P Ugh!
Good luck with your move, I hope everything goes wonderfully smooth and happy for you!

p.s. i also think it's a great exercise in learning what you REALLY need and what you can go without :-)

Dawnia said...

I hope everything went well with the move. We'll miss you.

The Paxton Family said...

Remember that post when you commented like 7 times? You are such a great friend! Thanks for commenting on my blog, it always brightens my day to see your comments!

The Paxton Family said...

P.S. I'm packing this week to go to Nashville ;-) At least I don't have to pack up EVERYTHING we own! I don't envy you that! Good luck moving! Can't wait to see your new place!

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Glad you decided to come back. Hope it was worth the move!! B

jonnajack said...

Thanks for the post. Helps me deal with my own changes and trials. You are so great!

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