We choose you, Merkleys!

Title: brought to you by the nerdy version of Emily who used to play and watch Pokemon.

We have definitely learned what it feels like to be temporary in a ward. We have had wards welcome us whole-heartedly even knowing that we would be there for a few months and then we have had other wards that have clumped us into the "we don't even need to learn their names because they won't be here long enough" group (someone actually said that in our ward in Denver).

The ward here in Allentown has been very inclusive. I have received a calling and Sam and I have both spoken in church. Sam goes out about once a week with the missionaries now.

I am the ward chorister! Again! I think this is my calling in life or something. Luckily I love it!

The only problem with this ward is that they don't have any activities. Or very few at least. I have been spoiled by BYU wards and BYU-esque wards. The only activity they have had here is a Memorial Day picnic. We were invited to a barbecue on July 5th but we were already in Philadelphia. I guess there are other activities such as book club and people go to the park but I didn't find out about those things until very recently.

It has been a pretty lonely summer. We love the area but I am not sure I will be pushing to come back here. I am excited to get back to where there are a lot of babies (so Alex can have friends) and a lot of young moms (so I can have friends)! It's pretty hard to beat Ithaca though. We are looking forward to going home.


Roo said...

There is something about the people in Ithaca...I agree with you. I can't wait to have friends too! and shoot we are going to be neighbors now so I will see you Lots!

Geevz said...

Is it bad that I was on the other side of it thinking, "I'm only going to be here three months so I'm not going to bother learning anyone's name?"

Kristen Sheranian said...

I am so excited to get back and see everyone! It will be so fun to get all the babies together! I just can't wait!

The Paxton Family said...

It's nice that you have a place that feels like home to you! It really does make a difference when there's women in the same stage of life as you around (ie having kids)
It also helps a lot to have people that are welcoming! Remember that lady in Ohio when I tagged along to that food storage night? And she said I couldn't come because I wasn't in the ward even though I had signed up AND paid already! :-P silly unwelcoming folk!

Olivia Jewell said...

Hey Girl, I hear you. THat's how it is here. But is sounds like you've at least made the best of it. Hopefully next summer will take you somewhere more exciting. :)

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