I decided around June 3rd that I would continue posting every day of June. It took so much time and was made even more difficult by the fact that I was out of town for two weeks, one of which was spent in the mountains. I guess I wasn't really thinking ahead when I set this goal. Sam has been so supportive of my blogging obsession during the last month.

I felt like I was pouring every thought and feeling into the blog. It occupied many of my thoughts and even became stressful as I worried about not having enough time to write the post I wanted to do. I have had a hard time finding my purpose blogging since I very first started. Everyone else seemed to find their niche, (you need a niche to survive in blogging) and I was still wandering lost. I am not sure why it matters to me if/when I blog but I feel like I will regret it if I stop. I don't want to get behind or else I'll never catch up. I write in my journal for myself, I write here for others. But I love posting pictures. Even if I use only a fraction of the pictures I have of an event, it still results in extremely long posts. I never imagined blogging would be something I would come to enjoy, but I have really grown fond of it. I know I am not the most popular blog in the world, but this is what we are doing and these are the things I have been thinking about.

It sure has been a busy month...

Alex got older, and cuter, and sprouted some teeth. He is eating a balanced diet (based on his own food pyramid), has a few favorite games, and abuses Mommy.

Emily plans to cut her hair (if she can find someone she trusts). She traveled to Arizona and to a cousin's wedding. She robbed her sister and if you don't watch out, she might rob you, too. Emily got annoyed, which is not unusual. Emily is a very goal- and list-oriented person (which could be seen as an unnecessary talent): she set some summer goals and set some lifetime goals.

Sam loves himself and Emily loves him, too. She tricked him into marrying her, but they still belong together. He works hard and even though he is an old man, we let him party a little.

We celebrated an awesome Memorial Day, went on family dates, and saw a little bit of Pennsylvania. We celebrated our amazing fathers and missed a very amazing grandfather. We went to a kick-butt reunion. Vacation is nice, but we love being home.

Life is great. I wonder what next month will bring. All I know is that it will not be bringing 31 posts.


Camille Elise said...

Wow. Ya, you are good at blogging though. I love reading what you have to say...although I've already told you that I think. Just...one more day to go??

Janelle said...

You did it, girl. Thanks for 'living next door' via this blog so I can still be a part of your life even when you are clear across the continent.

Jershon & Shelly Lopez said...

I love reading your blog! I love keeping updated on your adventures. I would love it if you lived next door to us! Not only so we could be creative and crafty together (craft blogs help a lot), but also because I love your sense of humor and you are amazing. I learn a lot from you. Keep on keepin on... whatever that means.

Bridget said...

I'm really impressed you kept it up every day during such a busy month. Wow! Well done!

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