Padre, Otosan, Fuh-Chan

Dad (Padre),
   Thanks for being amazing. Eight kids: wow. I am working on my only one over here and some days he kicks my butt. I now know where I got my competitive spirit from! You definitely don't act like you are an old man!

Dad Merkley (Otosan),
    This Father's Day may be especially hard for you as you recently lost your own father. But thank you for being a great Father-in-Law to me. You welcomed me right into your family. I don't know how many marathons you have completed but I probably wouldn't believe it even if I did know.

Sam (Alex's Fuh-Chan),
   Today is your first Father's Day as a father. Alex sure lucked out by having you as a dad. One day he will be able to express his gratitude himself, but for now, thank you so much! You do almost everything when you are home and I feel like I am on vacation! I love you!


Spencer and Anna said...

That picture of my dad almost made me cry. I'd really like to see all the pictures you took at the funeral. :)

The Paxton Family said...

i just love that picture of Sam and Alex!
What great father-role-models!
I love reading your blog! and you TOTALLY make my day when you comment on mine! :-)

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