Blogging Pet Peeves

I am unaware of any written blogging etiquette but there are a few things that really bug me about blogging in general:

1. Formatting pictures - Why does Blogger make this so difficult? Dragging pictures is hard, copying and pasting pictures is hard, aligning pictures is hard, and getting pictures in the order you want is hard.

2. "First comment!" - Why is it a big deal to be the first to comment on a person's blog? That is weird and it annoys me.

3. Word verification - It is always a nuisance but I understand why it is necessary (see #4). It only makes me really frustrated when people have it on private blogs.

4. Chinese comments - Does everyone get the annoying comments in Chinese where every "..." is a link to porn? I hate Captchas so much (see #3), otherwise I would put it on.

5. Comment responses - Sometimes I ask a question when I comment on a person's blog. I would notice they never answered the question. Then I would go back to their blog and see that they commented back within the comment section on their own post! Does anyone regularly go to a blog and read the comments that were left after you commented? This is so strange.

Some days these things make me really angry and other days they just bug me a little. I am sure I do things that bother other people (like complaining in every third post about how everyone else is wrong and I am right). Such is life.


Matthew & Laura said...

I was seriously considering just writing "first comment!" but then I realized how much it would annoy me if it ever happened to me. So I won't. :)

The Harker's said...

Just caught up on the last week of your blogs. AZ sounds wonderful to wear shorts everyday. How fun to get to see your family again.:)

QueenBee said...

Ha ha ha! I love you. I totally know what you mean about the whole leaving a comment on someon's and them NOT commenting on YOUR page. If I have done this to you I am sorry!

The Paxton Family said...

does my blog have word verification? i don't even know! ha! i'm so blog-illiterate!
it does take a long time to do the picture thing sometimes, but pictures make it worth it!
oh and i'm pretty sure you only complain every FIFTH blog about how you are right and others are wrong ;-)
but i love imagining you getting so frustrated that you just HAVE to sit down and type it out, and as your typing you have this "serious" look on your face so all your annoyance goes into the computer and out of you... ok, so that might be a little creepy, but i like picturing the person as i'm reading their blog... it gives the voice a better persona ;-)

Bridget said...

Hahahaha, I do #5, absolutely. I actually think it's the proper way to do it (leaving a response in the comments to the same post) but I can see it both ways. If you do it the other way, then you have comments on posts that have nothing to do with them. So, there's that.

But like I said, I definitely see it both ways. :)

And yes, what is up with the pictures? It's like a huge integral part of blogging and it is such a pain.

Roo said...

SO i have a comment on #5. I have always questioned that. Do I leave the answer on mine? or go to thier BLOG AND and answer? or call/text them? WHAT IS THE ANSWER.?!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha I totally admit, I always put the reply on my own blog. I should really be better at that.

And btw, I think the crayola factory would be fine for Alex. I don't know how exciting you two would find it, but as i recall there was a room with a ton of crayons and places to color and there were like a billion little kids there.

Bridget said...

OK, here comes a nerdy defense of my opinion on #5. It all depends on how you think of blogs. If you think of a blog as something more like a FB page, then it makes more sense to leave response comments on other people's blogs, as you do.

If, however, you think of blogs more like, um, message boards, maybe? then it makes more sense to keep all comments on a subject within one post. So that later, if someone random goes to your blog and sees a post and reads the discussion in the comments, it's all there.

But of course, like you said, that depends on people going back to check the comments and maybe that doesn't happen. I know some people do the email alert thing with comments.

So I don't know for sure what's right but I am on your bad side on #5, sorry. :)

Camille Elise said...

Haha.. Good thoughts. I too think it's funny that people really LOVE to be the first to comment...do people do this during conversations? "Ha! I talked to you first! Yeah me!"


Second. That makeup blog that you love which I consequently love now too. Thanks for the introduction. Anyway- She comments back on the original post too and I forget to go back there so I don't usually get an answer to my question.

And...I don't know how you are getting these porn links. I never do...??? Do I have words you have to type in order to comment on my blog??? I don't know because I never comment on my own blog.

Brea said...


Sorry you have problems with your pictures, I actually don't have that problem at all because I did some type of update a while back and it made it 10x easier!!! But just know you are NOT the only one out there feeling this way! I have actually boycotted some blogs because they drive me CRAZY!!

Seth and Brittney said...

you're such a hater.

Janelle said...

I had NEVER seen one of those Chinese comments until you mentioned it. Now there's one on the shoes post.

Merkley Jiating said...

I have never met a person who does not like comments. I feel like commenting on your own blog is a way of boosting your own stats. Especially if you do it between every comment. It makes sense to keep it as a message board though. Sometimes, if I think other people will care about my response, I will write the comment on my blog as well as their own. I guess my blog doesn't incite very many discussions so this isn't necessary.

Merkley Jiating said...

Mom - I get the Chinese comments all the time but I delete them as soon as I can so that people won't click on the links.

Daniel & Carly said...

Hahahahah...You are hilarious, Emily. I like to read your posts and like one of the girls above..imagine what you look like as you type. haha. I do the exact thing she described you might do. lol. Ugh..chinese comments..hate 'em. I've gotten them where they're english as well..I just have know idea who they are so I don't allow them to be published. Originally people could freely comment on my blog but when I had some chinese problems..I made it by permission only. Sometimes I'm flattered when someone random leaves a comment but I still don't publish it..should I???? What should I do?

The Scotts said...

That is so funny! I totally did that once (responded to someones comment on my own blog) and I felt so stupid after!

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